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This most recent bit of news time saw YouTube censor many crypto-related voices, and a mail broadcast I received from LBRY mentioned a few (or a lot?) of them ended up there to promote their views and opinions.

The Emergence of Blockchain in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the places where citizens and the governments are so eager to make blockchain a part of their lives. There are many evidences that reflect this fact showing that in the near future, Vietnam will be one of the top countries with excellent representation in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain Adoption in India

Maharashtra is the second-largest government of India and contributes almost 15 percent to the nation’s GDP now. It is also the second most industrial government of this nation. Last year, former Indian business minister Arun Jaitley stated that the administration is researching applications of blockchain to help resolve the challenging idea of ‘Digital India’.

Africa’s first stablecoin to be built on Binance’s Blockchain

It was recorded that Nigeria had the 5th highest number of bitcoin transactions in the world. A stablecoin that is naira-backed would give Nigerian and African traders a hedge because the naira transactions are susceptible to challenges like maintenance fees, transaction charges, and a number of other costs.

India on Cryptocurrency Regulations

The constant fear that the government can break the crypto movement with regulatory concerns is very much present in the people. But actually, crypto has not reached such important levels for the government to sound reason to oversee it. There is, however, a political think tank whose job is to come up with ways on how to govern the crypto industry.

ICOs and Regulations

As some countries were being very cautious about ICOs whether by publishing warnings like the U.S. or flat out banning them like China, other countries are known for being crypto-friendly and actually encouraging ICO investments. Singapore, Estonia, Gibraltar, and Switzerland are not only noticing the benefits but also foreseeing the welfare of being crypto hubs.


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