How You Can Assess the Social Value of a Crypto Project – A Three Factor Model

In January 2009, the first users of the Bitcoin software started running the system. Since then, it has never stopped. For the first time in the world history, a non-governmental self-managed electronic financial system began to run. Bitcoin started coin mining and transaction execution. Ten years ago, this public decentralized censorship-resistant Blockchain was born. The Blockchain was born to be a global supercomputer, bigger and more powerful than the supercomputers of Google or Facebook, but without owners who exploit people’s data while absorbing all the profits.

Bitcoin, The New Gold, was Born in 1971

Money has a long history. According to Herodotus, Lydia’s civilization was the first to introduce the use of gold and silver coins. Ancient historians have said that Lydia was the first to mint stamped coins, especially during the reign of Giges, in the seventh century before the common era. History also indicates that Libyan money was used to buy supplies of food and household goods from stores.



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