Constantinople, Ethereum’s Hard Fork: All You Need to Know

Ethereum’s next hard fork, “Constantinople”, is a software upgrade that is expected to bring new stamina to its Blockchain. A simultaneous upgrading of the Network nodes throughout the platform is planned sometime between Jan 16 – 18.

Today: Is Ethereum Classic under a Fatal 51% Attack?

Ethereum Classic is a Blockchain that is known for its efforts to represent and protect the most original ethical values associated to the existence of Blockchains: Decentralization, immutability and fair distribution of wealth, among others. In this respect, it is one the Blockchains closest to Bitcoin’s ideals.

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India, a Future Crypto Empire, Near Legal Flexibilization

The Republic of India is one of the biggest countries of Asia and the second most populous country in the world with over 1.2 billion inhabitants. India is also one of the countries with several terrestrial connections with other countries.

JETCOIN: building families who finance and raise new talents

A talent is much more than one single extraordinary human being; a talent is a tribe. A tribe, likewise, is a community ready to invest in human potential. A talent is a blessed and gifted amazing person who reaches outstanding performance thanks to a supporting family.