The Psychology of a Crypto-Unicorn: 1B Dollar Market Cap Dream

“Unicorn” is a term one hears frequently coming from the lips of people interested in high-level businesses. A quick search at Wikipedia would give us the common definition of the term: “A unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion.

Tron (TRX) a Master of Marketing – Darwinian Explosive Growth even during Bearish Hell

One of the critical challenges that all new technologies, including Information Technologies (IT), must inevitably face is that the millions of users in the world, the “adopters”, almost never choose the best technology. Or, as it would be expressed from a Darwinian perspective, it is not the case that, for living beings, the strongest one is the one that survives.

The Birth of Verge Currency

In 2011, a close friend of mine was always talking my ear off about Bitcoin. He told me it was going to be the new digital currency for the world. I believed him, but didn’t get too involved, as I thought that was still far off.

Galilel Cloud- 2018 a year in review

After a year of transition the Galilel Core project is currently on track to expand and push development after gaining some solid footing in the last couple of months.

Services by lead business developers that will listen to your project’s needs, advise, and manage them in the most efficient manner.

Top Crypto Currencies

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Electra, Crypto’s Hidden Giant

According to cryptocurrency expert Andreas Antonopoulos, the world needs a borderless, decentralized, inflationary protected currency free from governmental and institutional manipulation. In 2009, Bitcoin launched an open source code for the purposes of sending peer-to-peer electronic payments without the use of a financial institution.

Imperial College of London Develops Advanced AI System to Detect Scams

One of the first lessons anyone learns in the Crypto world, apart from “what a private key is” and “what Decentralization is”, is undoubtedly the lesson of “YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYONE”. The issue of security in Crypto has not been resolved, not even at a moderately successful level. There are a thousand ways to be scammed. It is likely that the word “SCAM” is one of the —let’s say— three most used words in Crypto.