January 16, 2019

Imperial College of London Develops Advanced AI System to Detect Scams

One of the first lessons anyone learns in the Crypto world, apart from “what a private key is” and “what Decentralization is”, is undoubtedly the lesson of “YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYONE”. The issue of security in Crypto has not been resolved, not even at a moderately successful level. There are a thousand ways to be scammed. It is likely that the word “SCAM” is one of the —let’s say— three most used words in Crypto.

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DMme’s Private Messaging Service Fueled by Custom Blockchain – No User Data Harvested

“Information” and “communication” are two terms that were redefined in the second half of the 20th Century and the first years of the 21st Century. These two terms are not perceived by modern citizens as having the same semantics they had in the past because in today’s world where information is digitized and travels at the speed of light and communication is virtual and mediated by electronic information, both have become synonymous with “power” and “control”.

Bitcoin-Powered Video Games Will Explode Thanks To Lightning Transactions

A Bitcoin fan named “BR_Robin” has shared through his Twitter account a video game where players can use real Bitcoin to interact with the platform and other players. Within the game, one can buy objects, pay to be granted access to special zones, or buy items that can be used inside of the game.

What Is TPS And Why Does It Matter?

A common question in the crypto space is, “how many TPS can any given blockchain handle?”. Referring to “transactions per second”, this question is second only to “when will blockchain break the mainstream” (that is a whole other blog in itself).

Stable Cryptocurrencies Fully Backed by Fiat, are Fiat

There is a type of coin within crypto ecosystems that generate a lot of controversy. They are extremely useful and much like the ideal version of ordinary money: the stable crypto-currencies known as “stablecoins”. However, many holders of cryptocurrencies use stablecoins as if they were something other than fiat money.