Author: Glenn Benavides

Mass Adoption is not Achievable Now According to Crypto Users

Cryptocurrency is said to have blessed humanity in countless ways. The first way is in the form of new knowledge that might reach the masses. This knowledge comes, for example, as a new question that will have an opportunity to occupy space in the minds of regular people: what is money and why have we lived for so many years – centuries – believing that the power and the right to create money should only be be in the hands of special institutions or elites?

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How You Can Assess the Social Value of a Crypto Project – A Three Factor Model

In January 2009, the first users of the Bitcoin software started running the system. Since then, it has never stopped. For the first time in the world history, a non-governmental self-managed electronic financial system began to run. Bitcoin started coin mining and transaction execution. Ten years ago, this public decentralized censorship-resistant Blockchain was born. The Blockchain was born to be a global supercomputer, bigger and more powerful than the supercomputers of Google or Facebook, but without owners who exploit people’s data while absorbing all the profits.

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