The trading price of Bitcoin (BTC) opened at $7,092.29 on April 18, 2020, and closed at $9,538.02 on June 18, 2020. The difference between the two monthly trading prices within this duration is $2,445.73. The percentage increase in trading price is 34.48%.


Bitcoin is a totally decentralized advanced cryptographic money. Dissimilar to the US dollar that you can grasp(or in your financial balance), there is no focal power or unified installment framework controlling Bitcoin. Rather, Bitcoin works in a shared system that permits anybody on the planet to send and get Bitcoin with no go-between (like a bank, national bank or installment processor). Despite the fact that there are a huge number of cryptographic forms of money positioned on CMC today, Bitcoin was the absolute first digital currency at any point made. On Oct. 31, 2008, an individual (or gathering of individuals) under the nom de plume “Satoshi Nakamoto” distributed the now-world celebrated Bitcoin white paper. The mainline peruses: “A simply distributed variant of electronic money, which would permit online installments to be sent legitimately starting with one group then onto the next going through a financial body’ The Bitcoin arrange then propelled on Jan. 3, 2009, denoting the beginning of the digital currency upset.

Trading Analysis In Terms Price

The trading price of Bitcoin (BTC) opened at $7,092.29 on April 18, 2020, and closed at $9,538.02 on June 18, 2020. The difference between the two monthly trading prices within this duration is $2,445.73. The percentage increase in trading price is 34.48%.


Flippy Partners With Iranwo Foundation To USE Bitcoin(BTC) To Feed 1000 Nigerians Families In Self Isolation.

Flippy is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that is based in Nigeria who enables businesses and NGOs to receive payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies then get instant values in their local currency. They recently made known their partnership with Iranwo foundation n its bid to raise 10M Naira through bitcoin donation by Nigerians in the diaspora so as to feed 1000 families in self-isolation. The self-isolation policy came as a result of the wild spread of the covid 19 which has been declared by WHO as a pandemic and can be halted by the self-isolation policy if strictly adhered to. This partnership will bring a surge in the knowledge and use of bitcoin currency thereby impacting on the overall value.­­­­­

Visa Partners With Fold To Offer Bitcoin Rewards On New Cards

Visa inc. a leading credit card company has finalized a deal to boost the mainstream adoption of bitcoin (BTC). Visa is partnering with Fold to lunch a card that earns BTC rewards instead of cash. The co-branded debit card would offer its users BTC rewards as much as 10 percent of their purchase. This initiative will introduce a new wave of consumers to the world’s most valuable digital assets. This partnership will also simplify BTC technology for retailers. It will allow users to spend BTC using the visa debit card.

BitcoinRewards And Litecoin Foundation Partners to provide 360M Bounty For Users Via The Google Chrome Extension.

A partnership deal struck by BitcoinRewards and Litecoin Foundation ensures that users are availed the opportunity for a google chrome extension member-based platform that allows users to spend digital assets across 1500online stores across the globe. $360M reward is made available for both coin users that make online purchases from the platform. As a result of the global covid 19 pandemics with a serious economic recession, the partnership reimburses its users that use the platform by earning free bitcoin and litecoin. The partnership provides more accessibility of bitcoin and litecoin to people for online shopping around the world.

Prediction/Traders View On Bitcoin

The CEO of BitMEX crypto exchange, Arthur Hayes, has made some predictions for Bitcoin (BTC) and the global economy in the recent edition of his Crypto Trader Digest. He said: “The Fed can print as much USD as it likes, but the companies and countries that need it most will not get it ….I have no idea on timing, but the strong USD will break the back of the global economy and force a reset. The question is what the new system will look like.” The CEO noted that Bitcoin stands to benefit especially if the US digitalizes the dollar. “All I know is the setup for Bitcoin the hardest form of digital money, could not be better. All manners of trust have evaporated. In order to solve for demand and supply destruction, governments will embark on the greatest fiscal stimulus binge the world has ever seen. It will not be paid for by tax receipts. It can’t be because 30% of the population is out of a job, it will be paid for by the printing press. The kicker is that, in order to hand money directly to the people, governments will have to digitalize their currencies. That will educate the populace on digital money. Once they understand fiat digital money, they will seek out the hard version to avert the ravages of inflation. If you believe that libra could educate the masses on the joys of digital currencies just imagine when everyone on Basic spends their food stamps via a mobile app.” Though Hayes says he is unsure about the timing of his prediction, he expects a massive Bitcoin rally to take place this year, which will bring the cryptocurrency back to its all-time high.

Josh Goodbody, director of growth for Binance who commented “In the run-up to Bitcoin’s Halving event this month, we have observed a strong organic increase in Bitcoin’s price. The upcoming Halving has made the general public more aware that there is an impending reduction in the rewards given to Bitcoin miners. Goodbody further notes that “Since the beginning of 2020, we have seen month on month highs in volume across both our spot and futures markets. Our exchange saw an all-time high on 30th April with US$12 billion of the daily trading volume. We believe this is a clear demonstration of the increasing strength of interest in crypto assets, especially as traditional assets suffer during the macroeconomic shock caused by COVID 19. Investors are increasingly seeing Bitcoin as an alternative asset, like Gold, for hedging against the increasing inflationary pressures caused by quantitative easing.”


The financial indices seen above provide pieces of evidence for investors to keep faith with Bitcoin(BTC) as it returns to its all-time high price.

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