BitOrb is an upcoming crypto derivatives exchange that would become the first crypto derivatives exchange that will be sharing profit to its native token holders.

BitOrb is an upcoming crypto derivatives exchange that aims to be transparent, fair and intuitive. In BitOrb, they plan to launch the world’s first inbuilt automated trading strategy tool called the “Orchestrator” into their exchange. Also, BitOrb has released a native token, ORBYT, that has many unique benefits including profit sharing to all token holders.

Crypto derivatives exchanges are popping up every day as cryptocurrency is gradually becoming a worldwide means of payment; but, the market of derivatives still faces a lot of challenges. One of the most notable challenges is the trading platform itself.

Most derivatives exchanges are built in such a complex way that they discourage new traders to enter the market. They find it difficult to navigate through the platform and end up losing funds due to the lack of education and of simple user interface. At BitOrb, the team has come up with a solution to solve these issues with their “built from ground up” exchange.

There are four key advantages that allow all levels of traders to leverage on when using the BitOrb exchange: long and short simultaneously, trade 24/7 with the Orchestrator, access to profit sharing with the ORBYT Token, and navigate seamlessly in the Simple Mode of the exchange.

With the Simple Mode, new traders will have the option to trade quickly in a screen without the distraction of the charts and order books, while in the Advanced Mode, professional traders will have access to the Orchestrator. The Orchestrator is an easy to use, intuitive, automated trading tool built into BitOrb that helps users to set rules and indicators for their trades.

These strategies can be used to take profits and/or to limit losses or even to layer in more sophisticated strategies. Plus, the users will be able to automate their trade. This means they get the freedom of not having to sit in front of their desktop all day and night, which they cannot do on other existing derivatives exchanges.

BitOrb will be the first crypto derivatives exchange that will be sharing profit to its native token holders. By holding a minimum of 100 ORBYT Tokens and passing KYC, 20% of BitOrb’s net profit after tax (NPAT) will be distributed to ORBYT Token holders respectively, whether they are traders or non-traders.

Apart from the profit share-hodlers can also enjoy two other main benefits including a trading fee discount of up to 30% on taker fee and referral commissions paid out in Bitcoin. The ORBYT Token is currently available at HOTBIT EXCHANGE with ORBYT/BTC pair.

Bitorb currently has launched the Testnet version of its derivative exchange. Traders can create account and trade to get a feel of the platform prior to its Mainnet launch. The Testnet version allow traders to free trade the BTCUSD perpetual contract with test 10BTC so traders will not have to deposit their own BTC to test the platform.

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