A virus is nothing more than a nano-sized bag that holds a type of malicious genetic material. It is equipped to use some arms to anchor itself on the membrane of a human cell and inject its genes in it.

The worst mistake humans make in the midst of emergencies is to panic while spending an excessive amount of time consuming information that shows us the horrible happenings the emergency is causing. We tend to dedicate total attention to watching passively the other humans who are suffering and even how others are dying.

This serves only to intensify our subjective experience of fear which, in return, makes us freeze. In the meantime, we continue to engage in behaviors that make us destroy ourselves faster and faster while providing the enemy – the virus – with ideal conditions for it to spread “faster” and “faster.” Let’s pay attention to this last word: “faster”. The key to winning the battle is here, in speed.

What is a Virus?

A virus is nothing more than a nano-sized bag that holds a type of malicious genetic material. It is equipped to use some sort of arms – its limbs – to anchor itself on the membrane of a human cell and inject its genes in it. A virus, therefore, is not a member of the animal or plant kingdom. It is not a cell. It is not an organism. It is not even considered to be life itself. It’s just a kind of poison-DNA nano-injection.

So, How Does a Virus Make Many People Sick?

This is a simple problem that, however, for human beings – because of the way our mind works – ends up becoming a complex problem. A virus, in itself, is just that: a bag full of an evil type of genes. It does not move by itself. It does not walk. It has no will. It is not even a living being. So it depends on the forces in the environment to transport it from one place to another, and to coincide with our cells by chance. The rest depends on a type of luck called “exponential growth”: the part that humans find hard to imagine.

What is “Exponential Growth” and Why Does It Matter?

Exponential Growth is simply the ability of the virus to infect more than one person from a single person who already carries it – or who is sick -. Whoever carries the virus will not harbor it forever. If, while this person is in the role of a “carrier, the virus manages to spread to more than one person (for example, 1.5, or 2, or 3 people), then we are going to call that power “Exponential Growth”.

With this superpower, the virus can spread very quickly making the number of carriers grow more and more. If a carrier takes so much care that he/she can only pass the virus to one person – or to a number of less than one person in statistical thinking -, in this case, the virus is said to have lost its capacity to grow exponentially.

How Can the Exponential Growth of COVID-19 be Stopped?

Here is the key to solving most of the problem. The secret key is not to extinguish the virus. This is impossible. Rather, the real key is to slow down the rate of growth so much that the virus loses its ability to grow exponentially. In the opinion of most experts and in the recommendations of WHO, the key is to respect at least these three following rules: stay home, do not touch people and respect hygiene rules. In order to comply with these rules, we must review them one by one.

Self-imposed quarantine, no physical contact and a lot of hygienic care. These three rules can be described as follows: 1) you must stay indoors without contact with people who do not live in your home, as much as possible (that is, it is better to avoid having visitors too), 2) at all times you must stay away from people and never get closer than one meter away (this must be respected religiously when we are outside the house), and 3) you must maintain very strict hygienic measures such as washing your hands with soap and water vigorously and frequently, as well as not touching your face at no time without having washed your hands, and, if possible, carry alcohol to constantly disinfect your hands whenever you’re not home.

Hygiene: Key to Slow Down COVID-19’s Propagation Speed

Yes. This is the only key: HYGIENE. And, as we all know, “hygiene” implies habits and customs that we all should include in our everyday life. We have to radically change our customary actions so the virus cannot be transmitted at the same speed as currently. In this way, our health systems will be able to attend all cases that arise, little by little.

By doing so, each one of us will contribute to reducing dramatically the number of deaths and the suffering. What is most needed now is for everyone to place both hands on our hearts and to have a lot of willpower to learn new habits quickly, and to teach others as well. If the virus spreads slowly, our hospitals and doctors will be able to fight it, and humans will win the battle against COVID-19 together.



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