Yes, I know you are dying to keep watching those news that show how people die and how a horrible apocalypse is coming. This is how the human mind operates.

We – professional psychologists – are deeply convinced about one fundamental fact: when a crisis occurs or when we are in a real emergency, the last action that really suits our predicament is to panic. The only result that panic or even a constant anxiety can translate into, is more calamity, more wrong decisions made by brain, and more negative consequences. Let’s look at 5 ways to put that anxiety under control and to avoid panic.

I. Consume Less Negative or Toxic News on Covid-19

Yes, I know you are dying to keep watching those news that show how people die and how a horrible apocalypse is coming. This is how the human mind operates. In Psychoneurology we say that certain neural networks and chemical substances in the brain are specialized in fixing your attention on this kind of information when your perception convinces you that there is a chance to die or tu suffer. However, let your rational brain win! Stop watching so much negative information! Even if you believe some is true, reduce the amount of fear you induce in your body. This emotion per se will not help!

II. Move to Learning Useful Information

Information that only causes fear and does not empower you, is passive information. Even though some of that information may be correct data, in many cases, that is toxic information, if we look at it from a psychological perspective. Why? Because most of the extreme negative information that prevails in mass media, only freezes individuals and makes them passive. Being paralyzed with fear doesn’t help! It is better to be consuming useful information. You know that a given information is useful and healthy because it empowers you! Useful information usually forces us to act, to take positive actions that help us or help others. Learn new positive things! Learn security measures! Learn how to solve the problem! Learn now!

III. Do Something About It: Move Your Body and Take Control

Our brain is extraordinary. If your neurons think you are in control of the situation, they will reward you. The prize will be in the brain’s native coin: neurotransmitters! They will help you feel much better. In neurosciences we tend to talk about dopamine to motivate you, and serotonin to make you feel calm and safe. How can you get the brain to let these natural medicines flow? Stop just thinking about the lion that will eat you! Concentrate on how to avoid it! Learn safety tips! Doctors and specialists are publishing so much useful knowledge and tips. Start acting now. Don’t fight your fear. Ignore it and start acting. Clean and order your stuff. Apply your new knowledge! Protect yourself now! You are in control now!

IV. The Best Way to Fight Coronavirus is to Socialize

Do not stay at home isolated consuming news that only show you how other people suffer and how the world is in chaos. You are trapping yourself in a panic prison. Humans, on average, tend not to feel better when isolated. Yes, it is true that we are not at a time for social gatherings! But, nowadays you have the Internet! Remember, however, that you should not fall into the trap of consuming only toxic or negativistic information. Talk with positive people who help you learn how to control the situation! With my friends, for example, I have even been throwing parties through Skype, with a glass of wine and even in pajamas. Each one is at one’s own home and we share for hours in the safest way! And we have so much fun together!

V. Help Other People Understand and Control the Situation

A tip that I always give as a Psychologist to any patient who is afraid of something is “help other people who are experiencing your same type of fear.” Many people have told me that this advice has served them well. It is clear that this advice, by itself, is not the solution. This is only one factor within a list of recommendations. But, helping others often gives us relief. While you’re on the Internet, look for forums where people need help. Millions of people need help now. When you are feeling fear, first think that there are other people who may be feeling the same and do not know what to do about it. Join the Internet forums and share your experience without causing panic to others. Try to help others! Helping is good medicine!



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