New application for mobile trading will be able to trade any stock in the markets of Börse Stuttgart and apparently also cryptocurrencies,.

The news started on December 18th, 2018 with this Tweet released by Bison App (@bisonapp), a Twitter account used to promote the App that has the same name “Bison App”. It is the new application for mobile trading that Börse Stuttgart will power. Bison App is Germany’s first app for crypto trading and also offers a “Crytoradar” feature for real-time analysis of market behavior.

With Bison App, consumers will be able to trade any stock in the Börse Stuttgart markets and apparently also cryptocurrencies. The announcement explains the application will be available for downloads by the end of January. The following is a translation of the original tweet in German:
“Boarding will begin! From now on, we will begin the beta phase of BISON with the people of the VIP list, we will also accept BISONews subscribers in January Details of As of the end of January 2019, I plan to release BISON application in German application store. # beta # app“.

Börse Stuttgart is Germany’s second largest exchange, said to be one of the 10 largest in Europe and one of the most powerful in the world. The platform for trading is being launched by Börse Stuttgart. And most of the trading services will be accessible through the application which presumably, would make buying and selling crypto extremely easy for interested investors.

The expected date of release seems to be the first half of 2019 and the launch will take place in collaboration with Solaris Bank, a well known fintech company related to the stock market specialized in crypto-trading and in banking services.

More information related to this new direction taken by Börse Stuttgart can be found in a later tweet by Bison App again. According to this second announcement, Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP and Ethereum will be the cryptocurrencies listed from the outset. All of these currencies are inside the top 10 of the global Coin Market Capitalization ranking. The translated version of the tweet would be as follows:

“Yes, we will start with # BTC, # ETH, # LTC, # XRP. More cryptographic currencies will be added incrementally.”

The big news here is the start of mobile crypto trading through an application backed by respected and powerful institutions of one of the largest economies of the world, Germany. This represents a huge step towards a goal millions of investors and enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies see as the biggest dream for the future, Mass Adoption.