“Information” and “communication” are two terms that were redefined in the second half of the 20th Century and the first years of the 21st Century. These two terms are not perceived by modern citizens as having the same semantics they had in the past because in today’s world where information is digitized and travels at the speed of light and communication is virtual and mediated by electronic information, both have become synonymous with “power” and “control”.

DMme is a Blockchain-based privacy messenger that gives power over information and control over communication back to people. It is being provided at a critical moment when people are losing power as well as control because large corporations such as Google and Facebook are capitalizing on people’s private information and the way people communicate. For far too long, your data has not been yours nor have your conversations been purely peer-to-peer.

DMme is running a true private messaging service backed by DMME Blockchain, which aims to solve a big intrinsic issue in this era of big data. Nowadays, the amount of personal data generated by individuals increases exponentially each and every second. The price that companies are willing to pay to have access to your data is enormous; your data is more valuable than gold today. They need it mainly for marketing and political purposes because they want to penetrate the most private level of you as a person and, in some cases, your most unconscious mind.

Sometimes these corporations have malicious motivations, too. Any influence they can have over your judgments could ultimately alter your decision-making and your behavior in their favor rather than for your benefit. The more they can make you dependent on their products and services, the more they can coordinate with big players like banks or politicians to affect your life at their gain, and the less options you will have for your daily basic and fundamental needs. Information and communication are establishing a new world order.

Now, unhackable Blockchain protection has been created by developers who can see that people need to regain the power and control of their own social lives, of their own messages and connections with others, and even of their own media. It is not fair, and it is not secure to have third parties in full control of each and every conversation one has, especially when they’re in a very private interaction with family, friends, colleagues, allies and clients. DMme allows you to enjoy full control and absolute privacy while offering more features and options to enhance your social life.

The most widely used data-related applications are messaging and social apps. These apps collect, many times without clear consent, all of your conversations, images, videos, shopping preferences, frequently visited geographical locations, buys, songs, movies, restaurants and even dreams for your future. These apps take your information and store every single detail about your existence in databases to which you have very limited access, if any. The question to ask then, is what happens to all this data?

DMme has a new positive answer for this question. We have created a privacy-focused messaging app where no data can be harvested for marketing or advertising purposes and where you, through our own Blockchain, can be rewarded when you’re part of the system. Only the two parties involved in a chat will have access to the content within it. No one else will. DMme is simple, efficient, protectionist. It is our strong opinion that you cannot trust a free service. Those services are not actually provided at no cost. Here at DMme, we say, “IF IT IS FREE, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT”.

DMme app provides an encrypted-messaging service that offers 100% anonymity and security to all its users. By protecting users’ identities, we give them back the power to protect themselves and their loved ones. They get to decide how much personal information other people will know. We believe that if you do not want others to have information about you, then, others should not have it. These are some of the specifications that we have already implemented or are under development in our system.

  • Reliable anonymity: your phone number is not transmitted to second parties like it is with WhatsApp.
  • You control your DMme subscription with only one email account and one password; simplified minimalism.
  • Military grade end-to-end encryption which makes communications non-interceptable.
  • Message history (including media) never saved on servers. Only users hold their own information to see.
  • Functionality similar to Snapchat with possibility to destroy messages after set amount of time configured by user.
  • Control over who can chat with you: block/unblock function.
  • Availability for Android and iOS (iOS is currently under verification).
  • Extensions designed to be added later to basic app.
  • Integrations with our custom Blockchain to send and receive tokens / coins peer-to-peer.
  • Web Application to use the chat from a PC.

One of the aspects that makes DMme exemplary is that our project is self-funded meaning that unlike many others who rely on their communities’ investments or on an ICO to begin working towards goals in their roadmap, we have invested our own funds in our own ideas. Our engineers and business developers have implemented an advanced model that we truly believe in. We have put our money where our hearts are, and are fortunately able to develop our vision. We estimate that we can deliver a full messaging and social media service in less than six months. Our system will also be designed to share a substantial percentage of our earnings with our Blockchain user base.

Again, in relation to the critical factor of financial basement, DMme makes it clear for all users of our app and for all investors of our crypto-asset, that our project is already fully funded by a couple of our very own, @cryptomocho and @CryptoJAV. With over one million US Dollars, we have calculated that this funding will allow us to run and maintain solid development for more than 36 months. This implies, naturally, that we have the year of 2019 fully covered.

We are very proud to have invested our own capital in our robust technology and are excited to be able to make our vision to empower people through true privacy, a reality. We also feel confident about the future since we do have some DMME pre-mined crypto funds. These funds correspond to just 2% of the total supply of DMME coins and they will be used solely if they are absolutely needed in the future to sustain the project, but this is not foreseen to be necessary in the short term.

Also, the app will be based on a subscription model, so DMme will actually be a self-funded project that will produce revenue. While many will argue most messaging apps are free to the public, we would counter that users of those apps pay a heavy price in the form of giving access to their private lives, shopping habits, locations and to extremely sensitive data related to their most intimate personal moments. We address comments related to our paid service with our sincere opinion: “IF IT IS FREE, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT”.

Our utility coin, DMME, will fuel our service directly while competing for growth in use and valuation. After the DMme app’s release, DMME holders will start receiving approximately 30% of the total profit from the app sales because we run on a subscription model service. This means that users and holders will receive up to 30% of the app subscription fees. Therefore, DMME Blockchain will constitute not only a source of protection but also a source of profit for our customers. The remaining 70% of the gains will be used to expand the team and keep our main goal to scale the DMme app and bring more products and services to our ecosystem.

The DMME currency will also have the open market as a target for adoption. We are in negotiations with some small retail shops that will accept DMME as a payment method. It is already an essential part of our vision to implement the required technology and procedures in order to incorporate a P2P payment method in the same chat app so that our users can send and receive cryptocurrencies in a direct way, from party to party; indeed, as simple as it is to send an emoji or a message in one click.

As a matter of a well-known fact, there are at least 12 chat applications used for regular messaging, and all of them exist to harvest people’s data. DMme is working hard to improve this arena with help from the Blockchain. We have no direct competitors as we are innovators in our market niche. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram might be seen only as indirect competitors based on old technology.

These centralized services, nonetheless, are reputed for selling users’ data to marketing agencies. Authorities can access their data in some circumstances too, if it is ordered by Tribunals. China’s WeChat is, of course, another example. Though it is reserved to the Chinese market. In the case of WeChat, the government has full access without the need for an order issued by a judge. Centralized databases will always be the target of big organizations’ and governments’ ambitions, because information offers power.

For those who feel interested in investing in DMME coins and/ or to collaborate in the sustainment of its Blockchain and being part of our ecosystem, there are plenty of opportunities. You can get on board through purchase of the DMME coin or through the settlement of a Masternode. Both will give you opportunities to participate in DMme as part of our supporters and will give you excellent probabilities to reap part of the profits.

DMme and our DMME platform are supported by our partners: HOTDEX Exchange, Trittium Nodes and The Kalkulus Hub. We recommend to all of our investors to also review these partners and the trust they deposit on us, so that investors become familiar with the potential of our ecosystem. Please review our vision for the year 2019 as well. You will certainly like to see all the developments planned: more wallet features for Android, iOS and Web, our WhitePaper, new Exchange listings, Trittium Hosting listing, new partnerships, integration of P2P payments in our apps, etc.

DMme’s most relevant mission is to provide a private platform for people to manage their own information and communications with high efficiency and maximum security, thanks to the power of the new technologies provided by the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Through DMme, people will enjoy the most advanced service with non-supervised and non-exploitable content sharing. Users will rest assured that only the parties whom users themselves intend to involve in their communication, will have access to their content, while other parties will never be able to see or acquire that information if users do not consent.

Written by: DMme

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