We will announce the final date of the Snapshot via email or mobile, the actual distribution will be announced after the Snapshot has been performed.

Not sure about CALL Value? Useful Links:
GCA Greenpaper & Roadmap
GCA Tokenomics

Due to regulations and laws of Malta, we are required to perform a “light” KYC with the fields in the form below. To avoid any bots, we will run verification by mobile. Your mobile number will only be used for verification and communication to act in regards to state law. By submitting the form, you will automatically be registered as a user on our new platform and be able to earn even more tokens once our Rewards System goes live!

Disclaimer: Any suspicious registrations such as bots or multiple submissions will be excluded without further notice. You can only participate if you registered properly, with real name, correct email, your mobile number and hold a minimum of 1 eBTC on the date/time of snapshot. If any changes to regulations or laws appear, or any current laws prohibit these actions, or for any other reason, GCA is not responsible for distributing any tokens nor does any participant have any right to claim any compensation. GCA is not responsible for your own trading nor gives any trading or financial advise. Crypto currencies are high in risk. Don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose.