A short and sweet explainer on how our particular smart contract actually rendered a multi-utility token known as CALL, and how it will facilitate the ability to basically invert the business model of traditional news publishing websites.

Global Crypto News (GCNews.io) – there are three very beneficial aspects to its business model. In the simplest terms for the first part, Global Crypto News reroutes the majority of money that flows through current paywalls (an example being the Wall Street Journal or Business Insider), and from sponsored articles and advertisements, around to the writers and the readers by means of our smart contract’s token, CALL.  We think it’s about time that blockchain is used to allow people to actually apply value to something that they expend brain power on in their daily lives and get something back other than lost time, and disrupt these kinds of forces while making a true, profound impact on the world:

For the second part, the writers and the readers will be able to compete in – more or less – never-ending competitions by staking their CALL ranking their reputations and priorities for who gets to earn and reap the rewards offered by each article, first. Think of it as a rewards system where you are credited for action rather than dollars spent. But really, where the real beauty was discovered, is between the writers and the readers because for several, or possibly many of them, those two distinct users can actually be the same person.  Meaning that somebody who contributes as a writer can also read other writers’ articles and earn; maybe you can imagine where this kind of competition could lead?

The third aspect considers the revenue from advertisers & other publishers, money will flow in according to our current price list for press releases, network campaigns, online & in-app advertisements, and this may actually be more supplemental for GCA. From this revenue stream, we will be allocating a percentage of it to buy back CALL tokens from the open market on exchanges such as CatEx and P2PB2B, at undisclosed times. This will help regulate the GCNews.io reward system and keep it chugging along nicely.

Let us know what you think about GCA’s business model of its first product. For more info about CALL token, refer to https://gcalliance.io/call-token/ to learn more about the first-of-its-kind smart contract, why it is very much needed, and how it has started the next phase in improved smart contract token tech.