Ethereum’s rival, EOS, has reported the dispatch of a new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform. Through a collaboration with Bancor, EOS Nation has presented xNation. The platform will permit its users to launch and fund liquidity pools for any of EOS’ tokens.


EOSIO blockchain is a decentralized framework that is controlled by its local digital currency, EOS, and supports decentralized applications (DApps) on its platform. Its local EOS tokens are frequently utilized for business purposes and can be utilized as a “stake” for funding DApps in the EOS biological system. Presented in May 2017 by block. one, EOS doesn’t represent anything specific, because its creators have never formally defined it. Dan Larimer, who foundedBitshares and Steem, is the CTO of 

Analysis in terms of volume of trades

The trading volume of EOS (EOS) is 1,990,987,499USD on May 23, 2020, and 1,344,062,923USD on June 21, 2020. The difference in monthly trading volume within this duration is 646924576USD. The decrease in trading volume% is 32.492649USD. The trading volume of EOS (EOS) is 1,380,866,138USD on June 16, 2020, and 1,344,062,923USD on June 22, 2020, .The difference in weekly trading volume within this duration is 36803215USD. The decrease in trading volume% is 2.6652268USD.

Analysis in term of price

The trading price of EOS (EOS) opened art 2.60USD on May 23, 2020, and close art 2.56USD on June 22, 2020, the difference in monthly trading price within this duration is 0.04USD, the decrease in trading price% is 0.01538462USD. The trading price of EOS (EOS) opened art 2.53USD on June 16, 2020, and closed art 2.56USD on June 22, 2020. The difference in weekly trading price within this duration is 0.03USD the increase in trading price% is 1.18577075USD.


 Ethereum rival EOS joins DeFi market through a new partnership

Ethereum’s rival, EOS, has reported the dispatch of a new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform. Through a collaboration with Bancor, EOS Nation has presented xNation. The platform will permit its users to launch and fund liquidity pools for any of EOS’ tokens.

A liquidity pool, according to EOS Nation, is a smart contract that functions as an automated market maker. Through these markets xNation users will be able to buy or sell tokens instantly through on-chain transactions and without the need for an order-book. Each trade requires the payment of a fee, but every pool needs an adequate level of liquidity so that the tokens price does not vary too much, according to EOS Nation:

Through xNation, anyone will have the ability to create a liquidity pool or fund it, so they will receive a portion of the fees generated by the pool in proportion to the amount of liquidity that has been funded.

This will improve the EOS DeFi sector in at least three ways. First, it will permit token deposits to generate additional income. It will expand liquidity for tokens that are part of the pools. It will increase the number of fees and trade volume for EOS and finally, the EOS community will have greater flexibility to trade EOS tokens. EOS Nation CEO, Yves La Rose, stated that xNation will be an important addition to increasing liquidity in the EOS ecosystem. Also, La Rose added:

This adds more DeFi into EOS. The more Decentralized Finance we have, the more arbitrage opportunity, the more bots we’ll have making various trades between various platforms.

Clients ought to consider that tokens staked in pools are not risk-free. Pairs traded in the pools are susceptible to market volatility. Users will be able to generate profits as long as the accumulated rates are higher than the “non-permanent” ones.

It is not yet clear how the xNation platform will develop. As reported by CNF, the Ethereum DeFi sector has had some difficult weeks. In addition, it remains to be seen how EOS’ DeFi ecosystem will perform against the market leader Ethereum and whether users will switch to EOS.

Phillips Corporation to provide AM expertise and support at US Army’s Rock Island Arsenal

Phillips Corporation, Federal Division, Hannover, Maryland, USA, the main service provider and distributor of machines and auxiliary equipment to the United States Federal Government, has executed a Public-Private Partnership Agreement (P3) to help the US Army Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing at the Rock Island Arsenal-Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center.

The P3 calls for Phillips to be based at the CoE facility in Rock Island, where Phillips Federal applications designers will collaborate with their army counterparts to exploit the potential of Additive Manufacturing in developing answers to meet the army’s current and future supply chain challenges. Phillips has exclusive partnerships with EOS, SPEE3D, and others to give additive and subtractive manufacturing support to the Federal Government.

At the ribbon-cutting for the Rock Island Arsenal CoE, Major General Daniel Mitchell, commanding general US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command, stated, “I would have never dreamed that we would be able to print out parts. Advanced manufacturing technology holds the promise of greatly increased Army readiness rates so that we will be ready to spring into action whenever and wherever our nation calls upon us.”

Alan M Phillips, Phillips CEO, commented, “Phillips Corporation sees substantial growth opportunities in Additive Manufacturing technologies (also known as 3D printing) that are rapidly advancing applications for forming unique metal and plastic industrial parts for the Defense Industrial Base.”

“In order to increase awareness for these technologies, Phillips is satisfied to reach an agreement with the Army’s Rock Island CoE where we can team up on manufacturing unique parts using additive technology applications and processes,” he continued. “This an exciting time in the evolution of Additive Manufacturing, and we are pleased to be involved with the CoE as a thought and application leader in the Additive Manufacturing segment of our industry.”

Some of the thing that helps EOS to stand as reviled by Brendan Blumer, CEO at

EOS Nation, one of EOS’ block producers (transaction validators and processors), published an extensive blog post that highlighted the platform’s key milestones, achievements, partnerships, and other developments involving EOS.

Last year, in June, announced Voice, a blockchain-powered social media platform that’s currently in its beta stages.

The organization likewise presented a few different activities like Coinbase Learn. In July 2019, the EOS software, EOSIO 1.8, went through a hard fork or backward-incompatible upgrade.

In August 2019, several other EOS-related initiatives were introduced like eosfinex 1.0 launch and Everipedia Guilds.

In October 2019, released new EOSIO 2.0 software. In December of last year, announced several grants for various blockchain and crypto projects including, StartEOS’ Acorn, EOS Events Rankings, KROWN #DACathon, and Tipit.

Voice’s Beta Release was introduced in February 2020 and inflation on the EOS network was reduced to 1%.

(For additional insights concerning these turns of events and others related to EOS in the past year, please visit EOS Nation’s blog post).

A month ago,, reportedly awarded a $50,000 grant to each of 34 promising or high-potential startups.

These tech companies are part of a worldwide entrepreneurship program that will bolster the development of the world’s open-source network utilizing the EOSIO protocol (initially developed by after securing a record $4.1 billion via its initial coin offering (ICO) a few years back).

Another lawsuit was recently filed against for allegedly collecting $200 million+ in funds illegally.

Investors are reportedly looking to recover funds they had invested in EOS tokens, which they did through the record-breaking $4.1 billion ICO carried out by

The plaintiffs claim that fundraising for the EOS project was carried out through an unregistered security offering conducted by


With the aforesaid point, it is clear that EOS can withstand any storm that comes it way


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