Ethereum is the first and original smart contract blockchain project, which is why it has been the second most popular cryptocurrency for so long.

From the price predictions, partnerships and activities of competitors; Ethereum is still going to go high in terms of price and trading volume.


Ethereum is the first and original smart contract blockchain project, which is why it has been the second most popular cryptocurrency for so long.

From the price predictions, partnerships and activities of competitors; Ethereum is still going to go high in terms of price and trading volume


The monthly trading volume of Ethereum (ETH) is 15,470,397,303 on May 16,2020.And 7,965,648,016 on June 16,2020.The difference in monthly trading volume within this duration is 7,504,749,287.The decrease in percentage trading volume is 48.510 percent


 The weekly trading volume of Ethereum (ETH) is 7,965,648,016 on June 16,2020. And 8,792,990,206 on June 10, 2020.

The differerence in weekly trading volume is 827,742,190

The decrease in weekly percentage trading volume is 9.413 percent.

Analysis in Terms of Price of Trade 

The monthly trading price of Ethereum opens at $200.61 on May 17,2020. And close at $234.42 on June 16,2020.

The difference in monthly trading price within this duration is $ 33.81

The decrease in monthly trading price is 16.853 percent.

 Weekly Trading Price of Ethereum

The weekly trading price of Ethereum (ETH) opens at $229.76 on June 16,2020.And close at $247.44 on June 10, 2020.

The difference in weekly trading price within this duration is $17.68

The decrease in weekly percentage trading price is $7.145 percent


Ethereum news Round-up

Ethereum smart contract hit 2 million and MyEther Wallet partners with unstoppable Domains

The surge in smart contract on the ethereum network suggests that adoption is growing in readiness for Ethereum 2.O.

My EtherWallet and unstoppable Domain’s new service will allow user to personalize their crypto addresses in relation to their domains.

Activities on the Ethereum network keeps on increasing in spite of the Corona virus pandemic.

KNC Holder Can Now Earn Ethereum     

Holder of kyber network crystal (KNC), the ERC-20 token of kyber network, can now participate in kyber DAO to earn Ethreum (ETH). All they need to do is to delegate their voting power to stakewith. Us a third-party staking pool.

Juventus – Sorare partnership launches Ronaldo Ethereum Card.

Italian football club Juventus has partnered with Sorare, a blockchain – powered fantasy football startup, to offer blockchain – based digital collectible cards of its players. The first card would be of its star player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to a yahoo finance report all the cards issued on the sorare platforms will represent non- fungible token (NFTs) based on Ethereum ERC – 721 standard. These cards are divided into three categories; Rare, Super rare and unique.

Ethereum Based Unstoppable Domains Partners with Opera Browse.

Unstoppable Domains, a software company building Domain names on blockchains, announced a partnership with opera, a top 5 browser by market share. Opera’s  integration of unstoppable Domains’ crypto domain will give over 80 million users direct access to decentralized websites.

Unstoppable Domains Co- founder Brad Kam, commented “ we belive that tools like Ethereum and IPFs will create a better internet than what exists with DNS and ICANN. This system could replace the old internet entirely”.

Ethereum Classic Partners up with Chain Link

Ethereum classic labs has announced its partnership with chain link (LNK) to bring decentralized oracles and external data to the Ethereum classic blockchain.

According to the announcement, Ethereum classic (ETC) and Ethereum cannot natively interact with data that exist outside of their resoective blockchains.

As a result of the collaboration, the data provided by chainlink will be accurate, reliable and free from possible interference. This is beneticial for developers on Ethereum classic and other blockchains.


Bobby Ullery an online analyst predicted that Bitcom and Ethereum will each hold 25% of the entire cryptocurrency industry, which he predicts will have a total market capitalization of $4.5 trillion in 2020


Coinkir made another prediction on Ethereum price in 2020. Coinkir uses technical price analysis to make prediction for the future. This is when you look at historical price movements and look for trends that could happen again in the future.

Their chart analysis expect Ethereum to start 2020 at around $ 720 and then slowly increased.

By the end of 2020, they expect Ethereum to more than double, to $ 1488


Ethereum was the first to ushered in the blockchain 2.0 in July 2015. It was also blockchain network that went beyond digital currencies to enable smart contract development and the creation of decentralized application (DApps)

However several competitors double. They are challenging Ethereum for the top spot on the leading smart contract blockchain platform.

They are EOS, stellar (XLM), cardano (ADA), Tron (TRX) and NEO (NEO).

The activities of the competitors not withstanding, Ethereum has the largest developers community in the cryptocurrency market and boasts the largest number of DApps and enterprise users.


From all of the above, it is therefore, unlikely for Ethereum to be dethroned anytime soon, especially if its developer continue to successfully implement upgrades to improve the network.

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