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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 14 - 15 2019
  • Time: 2:00 am - 12:30 pm


Hongkou Technology Financial Building
463 Tanggu Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

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Sep 14 - 15 2019


8:00 am - 6:30 pm



ShangHai International Blockchain Week 2019 – Hackathon

Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon 2019

Innovation and exploration regarding blockchain technology have been on the rise in recent years. Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon will bring together the world’s best teams to develop real-world scenario applications. In the two-day hackathon, you will see a thrilling competition between the world’s top technical teams. Generous bonuses, exclusive industry opportunities are waiting for you! Founders and leaders from the global mainstream technology platforms will serve as judges or special guests, providing a unique opportunity for community interaction.
The theme of this Hackathon will focus on the blockchain application in automotive industry, which is featured by Karma Automotive.

Following the rules, Participants are required to complete project design (PPT format), presentation (demo format), and submit source code (GITHUB) according to the schedule.


Blockchain and Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is an extremely complex ecosystem and industry chain, including areas like energy, materials, supply chain, logistics, safety driving and intelligent transportation, which is a combination of human wisdom and productivity liberation in the industrial age. While in the information age, the automobile industry is also at the frontier of technological revolution. How can you use new technologies to make cars smarter, more efficient, and safer to drive? How to make energy cleaner and greener while ensuring momentum and endurance? How to protect privacy while achieving information sharing?

Blockchain technology may play a key role in this area. Karma, a new energy supercar brand from Southern California, will sponsor hackathon this year. This Hackathon will focus at the theme of “blockchain + automotive”, and will provide you with best platform to make use of your creativity, whether it is about green energy revolution, scenes along the auto industry chain, or about car-related transportation.

Below are three examples for the scene applications. But if you have more creative ideas, as long as they are creating chemistry between blockchain and auto industry, the scene applications will not be limited to the below examples.

Scene 1: Blockchain and Green Energy in Automotive Industry

Karma is the only car manufacturer in Southern California that combines design, engineering, marketing and manual manufacturing.

With the continuous development of energy system, the enrichment of energy categories, the distribution of energy systems, the marketization of energy transactions and the intelligent trend of power grid, the energy revolution of the automotive industry is approaching to a smarter and greener direction. We all know that blockchain has the features like distributed, open, sharing, and tamper-changeable, which allows us to trust data at a very low cost. So, if we combine blockchain technology and auto green energy, how many “chemical reactions” will there be?

Scene 2: Blockchain and Automotive Manufacturing

Wanxiang blockchain has been exploring the application of blockchain in the automotive industry, and has successfully applied blockchain technology to the automotive logistics area, creating an integrated service platform of three functional modules of logistics, settlement and supply-chain finance. Blockchain cases in auto industry are not uncommon. For example, in the auto parts supply chain, by using blockchain technology, it is possible to effectively monitor the production time, product batch, logistics and transportation, so that the quality of auto parts can be effectively guaranteed.

In addition to the production models that has been explored so far, what else can blockchain technology play an effect in auto manufacturing process?

Scene 3: Blockchain and Smart Transportation

The automotive industry is moving towards automation and intelligence, and automakers can use blockchain to improve their driving systems. For example, when driving a car on a trip, blockchain records its travel data. This data can include information about regional weather conditions, common traffic patterns, etc., which can be accessed by other vehicles in the network. In the event of traffic problems and accidents, vehicles can be quickly positioned and rescued. At the same time, the data could be used to improve machine learning capabilities for driverless cars, as well as smart driving capabilities.

What value can blockchain technology bring to smart transportation and what contribution can it make? The next person who changes the world will be you!

The event is finished.