The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA), with great pride and joy, is delighted to share with our loyal community and the entire Crypto space, our latest news: The CALL smart contract has been officially deployed. CALL is live!

CALL is the very first ERC777-based token that has ever been deployed on top of the Ethereum Network. It was initially deployed as the first smart contract based on ERC777 on June 20th, 2018. Since then, GCA has been working diligently to update the smart contract as the token technology, created by the brilliant developers Jacques Dafflon, Jordi Baylina, and Thomas Shababi, was being finalized with improvements and awaiting consensual approval by the Ethereum community.  It was officially ratified in May 2019.

On this day, October 6th, 2019, with immense glee, we deployed the highly improved and fully audited final version of CALL token at 15:24 hours 44 seconds Global Crypto Time (GCT). The address and details of CALL’s new smart contract can be verified in the public blockchain scanner,

As GCA has outlined, CALL token has also been improved with the addition of powerful functionality inherent in the modern standard ERC644. We have one of the most advanced and progressive ERC tokens in the world and it is also fully compatible with the common ERC20 standard. All regular ERC20-compliant wallets can support and manage CALL token without issue.

Other notable features include programmability for recurrent payments and subscriptions, upgradeability of the contract’s business logic, new security features such as capability to reject particular incoming transactions, power to handle batch transfers of up to 255 payments in one transaction, among other advantages.  All these and more are described in GCA’s documentation, mentioned in public articles and on our Website.

CALL token fuels our first product, Global Crypto News (GCNews). A news publishing and content-sharing platform with a unique full reward system where all participants benefit by earning CALLs through consumption and production (

We at the Global Crypto Alliance are very excited as we look forward to launching our platform. It is sure to transform readers and writers into beneficiary consumers and contributors while providing publishers and advertisers a new cost-effective way to reach diverse communities and tailor marketing campaigns to their particular needs, all thanks to the disruptive tech of blockchain and crypto.