Admins have been using the ParJar /tip system to reward members for contributing valuable content. To date, I’ve written about various things and managed to receive a whopping 500 CALL!

GCNews, GCA, and ParJar

GCNews and its parent organization recently reached an agreement with Parachute, and the results have been fantastic!

Admins have been using the ParJar /tip system to reward members for contributing valuable content. To date, I’ve written about various things and managed to receive a whopping 500 CALL!

The first erc777 contract is a tremendous achievement. The tokenRecieved Hook is particularly interesting because we can automate all sorts of goodness when an address or contract receives tokens.. like dividend-style payments where I can subICO an ICO.

‘I saw that partnership advertised on the job listing that got me in this group. That’s an astounding amount of reach for a new project’

ParJar’s mission is to allow fee-less transfers of value using crypto on Telegram. It aligns with GCNews’ and GCA’s mission to push adoption and use of crypto, and together there will be new frontiers for both organizations to provide for these visions and missions.

What this means in the greater scheme of things is that GCA – with its first product, GCNews – and organizations like ParJar’s parent, Parachute, are attempting to fix ‘the adoption problem.’ Since 10 000 Bitcoins were spent on two pizzas and some pop, we’ve come a long way to having Crypto be used as a transfer of value – seeing achievements like stablecoins add to this mission, and crypto-based credit/debit cards launching worldwide will allow people to use and collect crypto more and more easily.

Parachute’s ParJar even allows tipping in BTC, meaning I can send micro amounts of the King of Coins to my Telegram brethren without spending an arm and a leg on fees – as ParJar is fee-less. This gives a lot of function for BTC as a transfer of value.

Crypto Becoming Mainstream in Canada

We’re becoming mainstream – and it’s apparent in Canada, where hundreds of Bitcoin and crypto ATMs exist and allow people to acquire or redeem their crypto in their regular day-to-day activities. Sites and marketplaces like allow you to compare rates, selections of cryptos to use, and locations to find your next crypto ATM ally. For local business-owners, it serves as a way to complement your offerings and even increase your foot traffic – let alone should you strike a deal to split some of the fees for a crypto ATM placement, or even get your own crypto ATM and collect the lion’s share of the difference. It’s truly a phenomenal activity, and one worth considering if you have a location where people might want crypto. Even though the Canadian landscape is almost immeasurably wide, you can find Crypto ATMs in most geographies across the country – or, at least, not terribly far away!

What are my first thoughts on GCNews, and Global Crypto Alliance?

Being a crypto enthusiast and multiple occasions have missed out on chances to be a crypto millionaire, I’m always encouraged by projects that keep in-line with Satoshi’s true spirit of crypto. Like I’d mentioned in chat, ‘There’s a lot of value here. Having a working product and value proposition before doing the whole undelivered promises things is what separates the wheat from the chaff. Do we buy cars before they’re built? No. Do we pay for a house before the architect is born? No.’ when replying to admin’s thoughts on ‘Awesome, thats why we do NOT talk about prices and bootstrapped for 1.5 years with our own funds instead of collecting funds and make promises! We deliver first!’ This was in response to one of my ParJar-rewarded comments, ‘The delineation that makes utility distinctful in the eyes of the SEC or any other regulator is incredibly important. Countless promising crypto projects were forcibly shut down for making promises or even talking about price with the admins in general. The ICO STO community would be a lot happier if they did some digging into the legal phenomenon and realized the rules, while supporting their favorite projects progress would naturally lead to a positive effect on price.’

I mentioned ERC-777 above, and you can review more in detail in this article from years ago – take special note of the last paragraph, ‘ERC-777 is an advanced token standard which should be the legitimate successor to ERC-20, it offers great concepts which are needed on the matured Ethereum platform, like white-listed operators, and allows for extension in an elegant way. Due to its complexity and dependency on other new standards, it will take time till the first ERC-777 tokens will be on the Mainnet.’ – now, it’s worth discussing CALL even more as it is the first ERC-777 on Mainnet, a triumphant call to action (or moon!) as a multi-utility token. 

All told, it’s a fantastic little community to find with a refreshing take on some ages-old crypto standards and beliefs. It’ll be fun to watch this community grow and take on more challenges and more rewards in the near future. 

They’ve got loads of growth soon – and no, not soon in the Starcraft Ghost sense!