Global Crypto News (GCN)’s Full Reward Model consists of a set of incentives based on the distribution of CALL tokens for all of the main participants that will sustain our official content service.

Unlike traditional News systems in which the reader is limited to having a passive role as a consumer and in some cases must even pay to have the right to consume, in GCN, the reader will have a very active, rewarding role and be a powerful motor of the system.

Similarly, content creators are not seen as simple providers who must only accept a minimum payment for their work. GCN provides the opportunity for writers and all types of creators to receive substantial compensation according to the impact of their articles or their productions. GCN’s Full Reward Model benefits all active participants in the system rather than just one.

GCN’s Full Reward Model is a disruptive system that incentivizes writers, creators of all kinds as well as readers to collaborate and be an active part in the novelty of Crypto culture. You could even build a career in GCN and help shape the new global mentalities! GCN is about creating, consuming and building; so let’s do so together! We are a new generation of opportunity-builders! Unstoppable creators! We are Blockchain!


Looking for an incentive to read? With GCA’s unique combination of Global Crypto News (GCN) and CALL token, readers will be rewarded for actually consuming content. You read, you earn CALL. Imagine spending 10 minutes reading a News article about Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency and being rewarded with dollar equivalents of Crypto credits for that mental energy expenditure. Readers will be highly valued beneficiaries of GCN’s Full Reward Model.

If you love reading, or if you want to start a new life as a keen reader, then prepare to be fully rewarded for your work as a consumer of quality content. No more paying to read and no more passive consumption! The more you read, the more you can earn! As a crypto-fan or crypto-investor, you would definitely be very interested in learning about the many factors that affect crypto markets better. Reading always provides benefits, especially when good, valuable content guides your mind to learning and helping you become wiser in decision-making.

Imagine also, after reading, that if you write good, constructive comments about articles and contribute positive criticism to discussions, then you can earn even more CALLs. And if you decide to share the articles and recommend them through your social networks, you continue to earn. Paying in order to read or even reading for free is over! A new paradigm is beginning! GCA is working to implement Global Crypto News through blockchain technologies and smart contracts. It is a Full Reward Model based on incentivizing all kinds of content consumption of high quality, useful material created in a decentralized way by thousands of great minds from all over the world. When you read, comment or share, you will definitely see accruals of CALL token.


Looking for an incentive to write? When you apply your composition skills to create high quality, energetic and GCN-worthy content, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to reach a highly populated community of readers and experience a totally new way of earning profits. If you can even reach a level higher and work as a proofreader to review articles and correct content, or if you are a designer in the fascinating field of graphic arts, you will feel immense motivation to contribute to GCN and earn CALL.

Are you a writer? Do you have experience writing articles about Crypto, social or economic issues, or relevant business topics? Do you feel that you have a skillful writer trapped inside your creative brain that is ready to explode and benefit thousands of people with the products of your knowledge? Well, it’s time for you to test yourself and finally reach the next level: share your content with the world and be rewarded fairly for doing so!

Through GCN’s Full Reward Model, writers with vast experience and those who are just starting will find opportunities to publish and be known by thousands of people, and profit precisely according to the impact of their masterpieces. You have invested the time studying to accumulate the knowledge and learning the skills that make you a good writer, do not limit yourself to the $10, $20 or even $50 that current platforms pay! In GCN, your rewards are in the hands of your readers.

GCN distributes millions of tokens to readers that can be used only to reward authors (readers must donate at least 50% of these tokens to authors). These tokens will translate into millions of dollars that readers will reward good authors whom they like. If readers really love your articles, you could potentially even earn thousands of dollar’s worth of CALL for articles. For a good writer willing to develop and polish his/her art with patience, in a platform full of thousands of readers, there is the possibility of even finding a way to live through GCN’s Full Reward Model thanks to a community of CALL holders who love reading and consuming quality content.


“I do not write, but I have mastered a refined grammar and taste for language.” Are you perhaps saying this to yourself? Are you the kind of artist who can transform other people’s phrases into exquisite and delightful pieces of true linguistic art? Then you will find a lot of work and fair retribution in GCN’s Full Reward Model.

Yes! You have noticed it, probably during your entire life. Some people have imagination, but you have the words! Some people do very well at connecting a variety of ideas, generating insightful new abstractions or coining innovative terms and concepts; but usually these people are not as skilled in transforming these creations into refined, legible English. Help creators and earn CALL tokens!


A News service is composed of several layers of content broadcasting. Each layer functions as a channel with its own logic and artistic language. In GCN, the work of all types of content creators that demonstrate how they can contribute to the production of quality content with maximum ethics, responsibility and love for art, will be stimulated and encouraged. The team behind GCN is excited to be in touch with all kinds of content creators, such as graphic designers, sound and video specialists, publicists and any artist who wishes to be part of the GCN Family and be rewarded with CALL tokens.


GCN ( is the native project under the oversight and support of the Global Crypto Alliance (GCA, In GCA, it is our absolute belief that the distribution of transparent knowledge based on decentralized networks of writers and content creators will be able to help propel the mass adoption of open, public, decentralized, borderless and censorship-resistant forms of true egalitarian developments that the world so desperately needs. GCN’s Full Reward Model is our contribution to this Mass Adoption and such knowledge distribution.

In GCN, we see a future where Crypto News is based on the decentralization of content production and will be less subjected to manipulation of what is currently written and delivered to the public. Crypto News will be part of mainstream news! Just as Bitcoin and Ethereum are now starting to be seen as transparent sound money, Crypto News will be seen as alternative objective information based on solid scientific thinking.

Those who will write, curate, consume or distribute Crypto News will have a leading role in the new global order, because these will be the people who understand the new decentralized economy. Therefore, being part of a News system that rewards all participants that make possible the creation, polishing and distribution of sound knowledge about Open Finance, Blockchain and Crypto, is the best way to be part of the transparent information machinery that is already building the future world economy. And it is an ideal way to make profit through participation in the construction of such a new world.

Will CALL include intrinsic possibilities to gain real value constantly and become more and more appreciated and desirable over time? Yes, it will! This is one of the pillars of our Reward System. It is essential that CALL becomes more valuable and desirable so that our readers, writers and creators, and content curators can realize their value through their earned CALL rewards. GCA’s native currency, CALL token, will be the fuel for our Full Reward Model. In order to be a suitable fuel, it must include an intrinsic mechanism that pursues value growth.

Hence, all kinds of organizations, publishers, Crypto-related projects, regular companies, corporations, and public and private institutions will be invited to publish and/ or advertise on GCN for which they will need to pay in order to have access to our exclusive community of thousands of content consumers. This will naturally cause CALL to gain value and, as it becomes more and more useful, merchants, payment managers and regular people would want to use it as a form of currency.