We are proud to announce that GCA and African-based YouTuber, CryptoHubb, have agreed to a mutual cooperation.

We are proud to announce that GCA and African-based YouTuber, CryptoHubb, have agreed to a mutual cooperation. This will benefit projects, clients, and communities of both entities as they’ll offer one another’s respective platforms via special packages for mass marketing and exposure, especially in African regions such as Nigeria and Kenya, whose blockchain adoption is beginning to increase steadily.

Both parties will cooperate to build upon their evolving foundations by combining their knowledge, expertise, and shared interests to grow together. Startups and communities will be offered more options for marketing with competitively-priced features on the fast-growing CryptoHubb YouTube channel already boasting over 5.1k subs & covering the ripe North African markets and PRs and sponsored articles published on GCNews.io, a brand new kind of news rewarding platform with special discounted packages when paying in the revolutionary, ERC777-based CALL token.

About CryptoHubb

A fast-growing YouTube channel composed of different teams specialized in marketing and boosting the awareness of quality Crypto projects. Our aim is to be the top Nigerian Cryptocurrency YT channel with plans to extend coverage to all of Africa.

We believe that Crypto and Blockchain are here to stay and that Africans can benefit greatly from those platforms with which we partner.

CryptoHubb Channel

CRYPTOHUB: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXuOH26XAkxyoiD_ejr4ugw

About Global Crypto Alliance

GCA constitutes a new kind of borderless organization with experts who are well-versed in crypto and specialized in decentralized business development and blockchain ecosystems. The CALL ERC777 smart contract has rendered a multi-utility token that will be leveraged both inside & outside the GCNews ecosystem, facilitate voting competitions & economical Paydays, be a rewarding mechanism for GCAcademy, offer discounted rates to projects that acknowledge how ERC20 is soon to be superseded, and with its callback function… will allow GCA to expand into additional business segments such as rental applications.

Global Crypto Alliance Links

GLOBAL CRYPTO ALLIANCE: https://gcalliance.io/
GLOBAL CRYPTO NEWS: https://globalcryptonews.io/
GLOBAL CRYPTO SECURITY; https://gcsecurity.io/