Utilizing CALL’s batch payment capability, StakeSwap is able to pay out rewards to CALL stakers in a much quicker and more economical fashion compared to any other cryptocurrency.

We are happy to announce that CALL can now be staked on StakeSwap as a way to earn even more CALL rewards.

Alongside earning by simply reading news on GCNews.io, now people can stake their earnings in a very easy fashion on StakeSwap. Tiers have been put in place for those who may want to earn even more as well. If they so desire, they can buy more CALL on the popular Korean exchange, ProBit, to increase their holdings.

René-M. Bogislawski, Co-Founder & CEO of GCA.

Utilizing CALL’s batch payment capability, StakeSwap is able to pay out rewards to CALL stakers in a much quicker and more economical fashion compared to any other cryptocurrency. In addition, both companies will cooperate to engage with more quality projects that strive toward excellence and offer them a full suite of IT, Information Security, and Blockchain services including a risk-free option to upgrade to the value-creating token standard, ERC777, via GCA’s GCSecurity.io service.

We are excited to list CALL on StakeSwap and partner with GCA to offer quality ERC20 projects the option to upgrade to the latest ERC777 protocol. The batch payment capability alone makes the reward payout process much simpler and definitely more economical. There are a number of use cases for batch payment, to have it done on-chain and prevent CALL from getting stuck in unsuitable contract addresses is a real game-changer. It’ll be fun to witness how other projects react to its effect. Maybe they’ll acknowledge the CALL and want to hop on the train.

Simon Henman, Co-Founder & CEO of StakeSwap.

Staking tiers are as follows:
– Minimum staking requirement: 100k CALL

Earn CALL rewards at APRs according to the following:
– 1 month: 5%
– 3 month: 7.77%
– 6 month: 15%

Payouts are at end of terms.

About StakeSwap

StakeSwap.com is a cryptocurrency staking platform, our platform handles everything from tracking user wallets to sending staking rewards. We don’t hold cryptocurrencies, we track user wallets to ensure users are indeed staking their favorite projects. Our mission is to help grow the cryptocurrency industry by incentivizing people supporting projects in the cryptocurrency space.

If you wish to list your cryptocurrency token or coin, please send an email inquiry to info@stakeswap.com. Listing your token with us can help grow your community by giving users a reward to hold your project token or coin.

About Global Crypto Alliance (GCA)

Global Crypto Alliance constitutes a borderless organization with experts who are well-versed in the world of crypto and specialized in decentralized business development and blockchain ecosystems. They are pioneers having implemented the latest ERC777 standard for their coin, named CALL, and are building the foundations for quality news, engaging education, and next-level smart contract infrastructure to enhance the lucrative businesses of rentals and sharing economies.

GCA’s CALL smart contract has thus rendered a multi-utility token that resolves the issues in ERC20 and does what ERC223 attempted. A major shift in token safety, manageability, and usability is underway, pioneered by GCA in cooperation with partners such as StakeSwap. By revamping the crypto industry’s smart contract infrastructure with such enhancements, these alliances will boost user confidence, ultimately resulting in actual adoption.

GCA Network Links

Global Crypto Alliance: https://gcalliance.io/
Global Crypto News: https://globalcryptonews.io/
Global Crypto Security: https://gcsecurity.io/