The Global Crypto Alliance announces the names of article submitters and topics that will be rewarded for the Content Bounty.

With great joy, we announce the names of participants and the titles of the compositions that will be rewarded for their participation in our Content Bounty. The names and titles are listed in random order. No ranking implied.

  1. Name: Abdulhakeem Shola Alaho; Title: “Making Money Online Made Easy”.
  2. Name: Crypto Mocho; Title: “Global Crypto Alliance (CALL). Finally a project easy to understand and to appreciate”.
  3. Name: Hiba Zorai; Title: “Writing and reading has never been this profitable”.
  4. Name: Vladimir; Title: “Is ERC777 CALL Token a more user-friendly choice than ERC20?”. expresses sincere appreciation and admiration for the serious process of research that was reflected in each article and for the due diligence on each aspect of the organization of GCA, on the many benefits of and our reward system, and on the disruptive technology of CALL, the first ever ERC777 token deployed on Ethereum Network.

Very soon, a core member of Global Crypto Alliance will be establishing contact with each of the four participants through their email addresses that were provided by them at the time of their article submissions in order to provide further details.

We want to thank all participants for the quality displayed in their compositions, as well as those who connected with us during the process asking about, showing interest, and giving kind, encouraging comments & feedback to us about the great innovations of our platform.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our community and supporters for following and sharing news on this event during the process.