We are happy to announce the addition of another advisor for Global Crypto Alliance.

After following up on our ICOBench rating (https://icobench.com/ico/global-crypto-alliance) and our Writers Applications on GCNews.io, we did some due diligence on Zied Chaabane. It took little effort to notice how much valuable knowledge he had about the blockchain industry and how well-connected he was in the crypto space that we immediately reached out to him to ask if he would like to become a part of the GCA family as a business advisor. Today, we are excited to announce that he has officially joined our team in that exact capacity and will advise our business development efforts with strategic planning and relationships.

“I am honored that Zied joined our team, bringing in such a great mindset. Our team is growing on a daily basis and it feels very nice to have such a reliable, charismatic person in the crypto industry who shares the same drive and determination. We are expanding fast, progressing with MVP developments,and getting more awareness every day. Zied has already hit the ground running for GCA bringing several strategic business ideas — building upon our current ones that will strengthen our ecosystem even more — and logical partnerships that complement our first product, GCNews.io.” — Stanford Saler, Chief Communication Officer at Global Crypto Alliance.

“I am proud to join such a decentralized, focused, and driven team. As a business advisor, I immediately got valuable insights on GCA from my first impression on just how far the team has progressed on their tremendous amount of development to date while self-funding for over a year. I have witnessed many other projects that got millions in funding, but never advanced like Global Crypto Alliance has.” — Zied Chaabane, Business Advisor at GCA, focused in MENA Region.