GCNews.io was born to disrupt a fatal industry: right now big corporations monopolize most popular news systems and are known to manufacture their own “truths” and to distort objetive thinking and social, political and economic reality.

If you consume news – in written formats or through video streams – on a regular basis, you’re almost certainly one of the victims of media-caused uncertainty syndrome. The degree of trustworthiness of traditional news outlets is extremely low. One is always suspecting there is a hidden interest behind broadcasted data and opinions. The centralized industry of truth-telling might be seeing the end of its days.

On the one hand, facts are evident: according to a massive number of information consumers – you may be one -, it is dangerous to rely on the information you read in mainstream media or on the information you obtain from centralized news providers. Basically, because these providers are capitalists whose main interest might be to serve as supporters of the establishment.

On the other hand, nonetheless, we all need to consume content. We depend on information and knowledge crafted by many other minds. Not even the most anarchical personalities are considering to stop consuming information. GCNews.io represents a new perspective to solve the main problem of trustworthiness and transparency in content production through a modern system that rewards Decentralized action.

GCN is starting its path to Decentralization with an unstoppable effort to generate written articles produced by writers from all over the planet. We are starting with written content, since it is the basic form of objetive content transmission in the news industry. But, of course, GCN will cover a wide variety of forms of content in the future.

We are aware that content consumption is a necessity. Thanks to the Internet and to the many forms of digitized content the Network provides to us, billions of people are directly interconnected among continents and exposed to all kinds of global events. Thanks to content sharing based on modern IT, we have been able to know about Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies.

We cannot avoid content consumption in this new era. News systems and content broadcasting are the basis for even the tiniest of our dreams to come true. Development is impossible without information and knowledge. However, in the same way centralization has brought corruption to money industries, extreme levels of centralization of content production in the hands of a few people have brought obscurantism and disinformation. We see manipulation and lies in popular news services all the time.

When a multimillionaire, as the owner of a news system, centralizes writing – which means only a very small number of his close friends can write and publish – and, when he also decides what the world should or should’t know, inevitably, the point of view of readers – the consumers’ opinion – is nullified and, therefore, the healthy filtering of reliable information from unreliable fallacies, turns impossible.

Traditional news corporations, then, expect to be seen as divine oracles. They decide what is good for the masses in secret meetings where your opinions or your urgent needs are not part of the equation. You are not supposed to have the power to audit their news either. As a reader – or as a content consumer -, you are not supposed to behave as an active part that helps clarify and perfect the Truth.

Decentralization operates in the exact opposite way. In decentralized thinking, each participant must have voice, and quality and truth are not determined by a small number of people. One private key one vote. Decentralization is based on massive voting or, in other words, in distributing the power of evaluation and decision among as many parties as possible.

In GCN, therefore, people vote in favor of some authors or some content through direct rewards. CALL token places the power to evaluate and popularize content on the masses of loyal consumers. Writers who gain the respect and admiration of followers will have more and more opportunities to share information and knowledge through the system, while obtaining substantial benefits. In GCN, consumers will have the final say. CALL token decentralizes content production and helps filtrate manipulation and fake news.