If you are a consolidated news writer or are on the way to become a writer, this article is for you: Global Crypto News (GCNews.io) is launching its unique full reward system that benefits writers and content creators!

Writers of any kind of news, especially crypto news, know well about the hardships and pain involved in writing and publishing a good article. Preparing each one takes many hours. One must do proper research and plan the structure and semantic aspects of the text.

However, when it comes to rewards, things become sad because all the corporations that currently operate news businesses do not pay writers a fair amount for them to at least depend partially on the profits that their professional works produce. Many writers are forced to write dozens of articles for free before having the “honor” of seeing their names appear in a formal news service.

Only a very selected group of writers – most of which belong to a premium elite – can say that they are receiving fair payment regularly. Through CALL token and its full reward system, Global Crypto News (GCNews.io) is on the way to provide writers unmatched opportunities to monetize their works fairly based on their quality and reputation.

WHAT IS GCNews.io?

GCNews.io is the axial project of the Global Crypto Alliance (GCA). It is the only decentralized news network where readers and writers will get rewarded on a regular basis – a monthly PAYDAY – via CALL token, the first ever ERC777 token on Ethereum Blockchain. GCNews.io applies a disruptive inverse business model to its content platform.

This model implies that readers are not passive consumers of information and advertisement anymore: in GCNews.io, readers are active members of our network and earn credits redeemable for CALL tokens through their active role as information and knowledge consumers. Readers also receive credits by registering in GCNews’ platform.


GCNews.io is dismantling the traditional centralized industry of content sharing, and rebuilding it from scratch by distributing power and gains to creators and consumers. The future of information and knowledge must be decentralizable! Writers deserve honor and respect instead of merely occupying the position of minor collaborators! Readers deserve a rewarding leading role instead of having to pony up fiat to get through paywalls in order to consume tons of ads and publicity!

Traditional news broadcasting systems and content sharing platforms have existed in the form of gigantic centralized businesses. On one hand, these companies or corporations mistreat and exploit content creators, including writers. On the other hand, their centralized paradigms assign to content consumers the unreasonably passive role of being clients whose value as nodes that digest knowledge is dismissed. Instead, they must pay in at least two ways to be able to have access to information and knowledge: cash payment and consumption of advertisements.


GCNews.io is distributing the opportunities and benefits of content sharing into the hands of the many in a decentralized way. In GCNews.io, writers can aspire to have fair recompense. Each writer will have the opportunity to gain popularity and receive high rewards for good quality. On the other hand, readers have an active role as content consumers and can earn credits for reading and other activities inside the platform.


With GCNews.io, you have only advantages. This is the first and only platform in the whole world where you do not need to be an influencer in order to become a writer, you have an actual opportunity of gaining popularity since we have a community that will be exposed to your material.

If your articles are approved for publication, GCNews will pay out credits to readers that consume the content you have produced. You may even be able to start developing a second career as a writer and earn an extra income that could eventually be highly profitable if you can create a community of loyal followers of your articles and various writings.

Writers will want to take into account what GCA indicates, too. “Writers have their articles published after meeting GCNews’ basic standards of quality, originality, and legitimacy. Due to how our reward system is designed, readers can donate to support their favorite writers for future content. With a referral link, articles can be shared permeating a wider audience which would lead to more credits.”


During the last few years, we have witnessed how decentralized globalization is replacing the old corporate model where centralized systems govern the world. New decentralized business fueled by blockchain technologies are helping give back the power to the people. News doesn’t have to be the exception. GCNews.io constitutes the first time in history that an organization, fueled by the latest cryptocurrency advancements, distributes its opportunities and benefits. Getting on board this new paradigm represents a jump to a future where decentralized news will be the real news.