Hotbit is a cryptocurrency trading exchange which was launched in January 2018 and have recently successfully completed 2 years in the crypto space.

Since Hotbit is still a relatively new organization, the exchange is yet in the stage of developing its vision and scope. Users enjoy new services and options constantly. In the future, it is expected to keep adding more prominent features, Innovative technology and attractive competitions and activities for its loyal customers as well as for new joiners.

Hotbit exchange is registered in both places Hong Kong as well as Estonia. Its core team members are, however, from China, Taiwan & USA and other countries. At present the exchange is based in Shanghai and Taipei. Having started with just 16 employees, now it has shown some good growth as well as development, accounting 51-200 employees working for Hotbit at present situation.

The Cryptocurrency market includes a vast number of professional digital-asset exchange platforms. Hotbit exchange is one of them. Hotbit has adopted advanced technologies such as GSLB, distributed server clusters, distributed storage, and the high-speed memory-based trading engine, all backed up at multiple machines, cold storage locations, and hot wallets with offline private keys. Hotbit’s good, secure, stable and reliable digital asset trading services are delivered to clients via the website interface, mobile app, and PC terminals.

As part of a strategic cooperation, Alphacat team can utilize its innovative and advance technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, to create and develop the Artificial Intelligence trading engine for Hotbit. The core task is to attain the 24-hour dynamic exchange value, market stability and multidimensional data analysis services for the world users to enjoy a much better investment experience.

Hotbit commits to offer a number of competitions, typically announcing them on the homepage and in the broadcast section. By looking at this exchange’s news page, you will get the look for some past competitions too. It is a good & attractive move nowadays by many exchangers, including Hotbit, to offer various types of competitions for its users and a medium of opportunity to earn some free bucks for the customers. Recently ongoing Karma Quiz event for Indian telegram users is something new by Hotbit. There customers can get knowledge about Hotbit as well as earn some free cryptocurrency.

This Hotbit exchange promotes four advantages in specific as reasons to select Hotbit as your trading platform. The first one is that it is a multiple-currency supported exchanger, this means that you will be able to trade a lot of other cryptocurrencies here unlike other exchanges where options are limited. It is simple to confirm the statement. Hotbit does indeed provide support for a noticeably large amount of cryptocurrencies.

Second, Hotbit has higher liquidity and volume which is a must for any user who takes daily trades. So, liquidity plays an important role. Third, the platform offers 24-hour customer service 7 days a week. 24/7 support is needed for new customers who enter the crypto market. Naturally, that is really crucial to its user base. Fourth and Last, the platform has proven that it is highly safe, secure and stable.

Hotbit gets its profit income via transaction fees and it goes through the maker-taker model. Makers who bring liquidity to this industry experiment 0.1% transaction fees, including for offers to buy in and offers to sell out. Takers give the transaction fee of 0.1%, whether they get buy-in orders or sell-out orders. This fees page also offers a quick refresher on the maker-taker framework & fees structure, which makes it easy to understand for customers. One thing to be noted is that hidden orders, as well as limit orders that match over hidden orders do still required transaction fees.

Like many other leading cryptocurrency exchange, Hotbit has its own native exchange token called Hotbit token (HTB). Hotbit token has the general purpose of building the exchange ecosystem and HTB tokens are rewarded to the contributers of Hotbit ecosystem building. By activating the option/function of “deducting transaction fees by HTB” allows the users to benefit in reducing the transaction fees of makers & takers by 50%. So resulting the actual transaction fees of makers & taker’s order becomes 0.05% only.

Depositing to Hotbit is fast, as well as free like many other exchanges, making it possible to secure without worries about the token amount any user wishes to deposit. There are minimum withdrawal fees, which vary from the token & Coins, depends on the cryptocurrency.

All information on withdrawal fees is clearly and transparently mentioned on the Hotbit website for the respective assets. By the information gathered, we can see daily progress and development of hotbit exchange and also innovative future plans to sustain in this cryptocurrency space, is great to see. Hotbit is one of the best emerging digital asset exchange which can thrive longer.