GCN – GlobalCryptoNews.io is not simply one more Crypto News Page to follow, like most news services. GCNews is being developed as a global network for news production based on a Full-Reward model for authors and readers. We are addressing three different types of active users:

1. Readers/Consumers
2. Authors
3. Publishers/Crypto Projects

Approaches for the different types of user

  1. Readers/Users
    As a reader you can earn our Credits (later CALL tokens) through consuming sponsored articles or news, or through recommending other readers, through tweeting, posting, publishing our articles in any social media, or even through voting. Valid articles are marked as eligable.

    Its like collecting miles for flying. Every time you have collected enough Credits, you can either trade them in selected shops for electronics or other goods, buy other services at selected partners or trade them on upcoming exchanges. For only signing up you will receive an amount of Credits of which you have to donate 50% to authors before you can claim the rest for yourself. Once a month there is a PAYDAY, where our system will convert your collected Credits into CALL tokens and distribute them to your provided ETH adress/wallet.
  2. Authors
    As an author you can post your article and we will most likely publish it soon, if it fulfills our basic standards of quality, originality and legitimacy. Due to how our System works, Readers can donate or, more precisely, must donate to you for your work. Of course you can also spread your direct link and, with each reader that consumed your content, you will be able to collect more Credits. As any reader, you have the same possibilities to spent your earned tokens. Either you can trade them for goods or you can exchange them for any other crypto currency.
  3. Publisher/Projects
    In order to publish your content on GCNews.io via our distribution Network, you need to get Credits. You can purchase credits using EUR, USD or even BTC or ETH. Publishing an Article starts from as low as 150,- € per Article. Additionally you can book campaigns to extend the scope of it and reach a even bigger audience. Publishers or any organization who prefers – or requires – to purchase services only in Fiat to keep accounting easy to manage, there’ll be no need to use cryptocurrency at all. Naturally, we welcome payments in crypto too, as in ETH, BTC and, naturally, in our native unit, CALL token.

    *Credits will later be converted into CALL tokens on PAYDAY when rewards are distributed.