Presently, Vajra’s work is endorsed by 56 individual and National sector banks at India, including the governmental Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Canara funds, Depository of Baroda, Union Bank of India and others.

The National payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has formally announced a blockchain-based payments structure that can allow “extremely protected and tamper-evident transactions” via the distributed ledger system. Named “Vajra”, or flash, this system has been planned to automate the process of clearing and deciding payments for NPCI transactions. In the official press release detailing the use of this current structure, the establishment stated:

“The permissioned system can be setup so that but those companies who have been approved by the system executive will be the part of the system. Since Vajra is being produced for the payments process business, permission less blockchain schemes were not considered”.

“After the initial assessment, this DLT established method has been designed for automating cost clearing and settlement operations of NPCI products. This platform is described as ‘ Vajra platform ’.The permissioned system can be made up so that only those companies who have been approved by the system executive will be a part of the system. Since Vajra is being produced for the payment process business, permissionless blockchain systems were not thought.”

Citing some of the benefits of applying DLT in the cost process business, the Vajra Whitepaper says that it results in minimal cooperation of transactions, higher elasticity through equipment and clarity besides a near real-time clearing and settlement. DLT also assists in minimising operations and business risks and offers a legal audit course.

Presently, this Vajra work is endorsed by 56 individual and National sector banks at India, including this government Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Canara funds, depository of Baroda, Union Bank of India, Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC funds, Citibank and HSBC. NCPI says it needs to get more banks on-board in the time as part of its plans to grow “ the greatest commerce system globally”.

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National payments Corporation of India (NPCI ), the Indian government-backed organisation for payments, has existed on the rolling in 2019. From clocking landmark one billion transactions on UPI (integrated payments port) to announcing foreign attempt to growing payments on blockchain, NPCI appears to be getting no possibility of losing the FinTech bus.

According to the study by cryptocurrency-focused portal Cointelegraph, NPCI is running on the blockchain-based structure to make payments safer, safe, faster and more clear. It further added that the payments firm is developing the distributed ledger technology (DLT ) device to offer a highly protected, tamper-proof information for different payment processes including UPI.

🔵 How Vajra: Blockchain based payment system will Benefit India !

✓India being the second largest population in world has Most of Population as Youth So many opportunities for them.

✓ The Vajra payment system aims to bring Complete Cryptography Security by using Blockchain technology.

✓To allow Faster Transaction to India’s Payment gateway system.

✓It will reduce/minimise the Processing time of transaction and ensure faster payments.

✓It will allow Quick dispute solutions to avoid inconvenience to users.

✓It will maintain Transparency in transaction which is the ultimate benefit of blockchain technology.

It’s a positive step taken by Indian Government in order to encourage Blockchain technology and implementation of blockchain technology in ‘Vajra’ payment system. In my opinion this is just an start towards an new era of blockchain technology and India being one of the largest democracy in the world will play important role in spreading awareness, regarding Blockchain technology and it’s use-cases. India’s also creating opportunities to Indian youth and allowing them to study, research and develop blockchain based projects which can help India’s infrastructure, & Digital sector etc.