With the increased toxicity of scams and illegitimate, impractical concepts that continually permeate the growing and fast-paced blockchain industry, P2PB2B is partnering up with Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) to combat these destructive behaviors and weed out those bad actors.

By leveraging GCA’s first product, GCNews.io – powered by CALL token, communities of project ecosystems will be able to vote on and value the viability and legitimacy of projects’ concepts. Those projects that win these competitions will receive a two-week marketing campaign from GCA and partnered agencies as well as a free listing on P2PB2B.

For GCA, cooperating with such a reputable, next-generation cryptocurrency exchange that shares the same values when it comes to working for the benefit of its users and helping to make right the damaging effects to blockchain ecosystems by nefarious actors, resonates deeply within their team.  P2PB2B decided to join in the revolution of token technology and support Global Crypto Alliance by hosting their first ever IEO for an ERC777 token. Those who want to get in on the ground floor can participate in the IEO here.


The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) constitutes a new kind of borderless organization with experienced professionals who are well-versed in the world of blockchain. We are specialized in decentralized business development and blockchain ecosystems with dozens of supportive experts who expand and help grow our global network calling an active community of content creators and content consumers into action.


GCA’s first product is Global Crypto News (GCN), a totally new, unparalleled, and revolutionary content-publication platform with a unique rewarding twist that is fueled by the crypto asset, CALL, and structured as an open network of active news aggregators who monetize their actions within the system. Content creators and consumers, as writers and readers, benefit from GCNews.io by earning CALL when they produce and consume data, information, and knowledge. Publishers and advertisers will benefit immensely from its distribution network and global communities.  Our standard price list includes sponsored articles, PRs, banner slots, etc. with sponsored articles starting as low as €250*. Additionally, campaigns can be customized to extend their desired scopes.


CALL is the very first ERC777-based token that has ever been deployed on the Ethereum Network. Since 2018, GCA worked diligently to update CALL’s smart contract as the ERC777 standard’s creators, the brilliant developers Jacques Dafflon, Jordi Baylina, and Thomas Shababi, were finalizing it. ERC777 was officially ratified in May 2019 by Ethereum’s global community. Read more about CALL token here.


p2pb2b‌ is a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange, currently ranking among Top 10 exchanges on CoinMarketCap, with daily trading volume exceeding $500m and a total community of 300,000 users. With more than 200 projects in the portfolio, p2pb2b offers IEO and listing service packages, which include coin listing in top pairs, quick integration of BTC/ETH projects, liquidity optimization, trading competition, referral games, additional market making, and airdrop promotion. The platform provided by p2pb2b offers convenient interface and security of assets and operations, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. The exchange is EU-licensed for trading and has recently launched a brand new partnership program.