Submit a Press Release!

We are building our ecosystem with a news platform operation that, with the help of our network of members and the support of our readers, will grow both qualitatively and quantitatively.  In this splendid occasion, our team would like to present an opportunity for your community and your Team.  Because GCN is opening a brand new portal for projects to publish news, articles or publicity in our News System, we offer PRESS RELEASES AND ARTICLES at reduced pricing until our news platform is fully built.
(If you want to learn more, visit or pre-register as a user here)

If your project is interested in publishing news, articles or content pertinent to the blockchain industry, your official Team representatives (President, CEO, CMO or Lead) can get in contact with Global Crypto News to submit your material for review. You can include images or any kind of electronic material, but before any content is sent to GCN, please submit your press release through the form you’ll find in this page. For further inquiries and instructions, please contact us via email at or via our contact page.

Submitting an press release does not imply a 100% guarantee that it will be published. Our team will review the article and, if it meets our standards, we will agree with you on a publishing date and time.