The real value of any payment network is determined by its number of users, as confirmed by popular Metcalfe’s Law. Ecoin is the fastest growing cryptocurrency with over 3 million sign ups in just 3 months. As Ecoin aims to onboard first billion of users into Crypto, the value of its network will indeed reach high value in no distant time.


Ecoin is the fastest growing cryptocurrency with over 3 million sign ups in just 3 months. Soon it will cross 10 million sign ups as predicted. Once that happens, the big investors will start pouring money into ECoin making it grow even faster. Ecoins mission is to enable mass adoption of cryptocurrency by bringing billions of users into cryptos. The only way for users to earn or acquire Ecoin is by referring friends or buying it from existing holders, both of which create mightful incentive for more users to join ecoin networks. The manner in which the price and sign ups of Ecoin shoots up is a enough evidence to show that what the future hold for it is more than bright.

Mathias Ecoin Dashboard

Monthly Analysis of Ecoin in Terms of Traing Price

The trading Price of Ecoin opened at $0.00112194 on 12th  of  May, 2020 and closed at $0.00248713 on 10th of  June, 2020. The difference in monthly trading price within this duration is $0.00136519.

Therefore, the percentage increase in trading price is 121.68%.

Weekly Analysis in Terms of Price

The trading Price of Ecoin opened at $0.00098736 on 4th  of June, 2020 and closed at $0.00248713 on 10th of  June, 2020. The difference in monthly trading price within this duration is $ 0.00149977

Therefore, the percentage increase in trading price of Ecoin within this duration is 151.90%.

Table 1: Weekly historical data of ECOIN

Why Is Ecoin Unique?

  • World’s first Email based proxy Identity

Ecoin is designed to be the world’s first Email based proxy Identity that ensures a single person cannot claim with multiple emails.

  • World’s biggest Airdrop

Ecoin will be distributed for free to everyone with an email as expecting users to pay for something new (like cryptocurrency) is impractical. 500 Ecoins (previously 750) will be distributed free of charge  for everyone with an email, (this number will keep dropping as the price of Ecoin goes up, which will benefit early adopters)

  • Strong Network Effects

Network Effect is a Numbers game. As more people sign up, the value of Ecoin rises more. The more the value of ecoin, more people will sign up.


Ecoin foundation has partnered with many charities that are helping COVID 19 victims.

After you sign-up and refer 5 friends, you can recommend a local charity you support as well!

Ecoin needs millions of users to support so that the amount of charity we can raise a big amount for charity without any burden to anybody in these difficult times. For every person that signs up and earns 500 free Ecoins ( worth $3.3), Ecoin foundation will donate 75 Ecoins ( worth $0.5 ) to a charity of your choice.

Ecoin Begins Migration of 1.5 Million Users to the Telos Network

Ecoin Sets Sights on Reaching 100 Million Users, Moves to Telos for Its Leading Ease of Use, Performance and Scalability.

Ecoin, a startup focused on referral marketing and digital identity, is bringing to the Telos network its vision of a world with much wider use of blockchain technology.

Ecoin initially began building on EOS but recently decided to move to the Telos chain because of its low operating costs and capacity to handle hundreds of millions of transactions per day. The Telos governance system and community have allowed the chain to successfully address problems like RAM speculation, expensive account creation, and network congestion that have plagued EOS.

Taklimakan launches Exclusive Airdrop with Ecoin

Taklimakan Network is a next-generation business platform and social network based on blockchain technology. Creating opportunities for both beginners and cryptocurrency experts:

Every day Taklimakan Network updates educational material, opinions, and news about cryptocurrency, finance, and blockchain. Taklimakan is a great way to turn the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies into a single cozy place. Therefore, we value and reward everyone who helps us grow.

Ecoin recently crossed 3 million users and is currently the fastest growing crypto in terms of users !

Taklimakan wants to leverage our Growth and is offering 50 lottery tickets to Ecoiners who sign-up on their website , which takes just 10 seconds.

However you need to become ‘Fully valid’ by simply linking your phone and referring a friend first !

To sweeten the deal , Ecoin is processing withdrawals instantly now , so you show your friends real time withdrawals as a proof

Tasks to do:

Simply sign up on the site using the same email as you used for your Ecoin Sign-up ( no kyc , No phone number OTP nothing , just email based sign up).


With the aforementioned analysis, it is evident that Ecoin has the best recipe to grow at a breakneck pace. Investing in Ecoin today, is the beginning of financial emancipation/security tomorrow.

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