Jen will help GCA get the word out and spread the notion about what ERC777 can do for the crypto industry when speaking at blockchain conferences around the world.

“I have been personally following Jen since the 2017 craziness and have witnessed her growth as an Influencer, Speaker, and Investor well-known in our industry. After spending the past two years laying the proper foundation for GCA, we were able to do a soft launch in November 2019, at which time I asked Jen if she would like to help us and join us. After acknowledging our potential, she gave us a “yes”, making our team very honored and proud.”

CEO René-M. Bogislawski

With her knowledge, contacts, and having very attentive crowds while presenting at each conference, Jen will be able to help GCA spread the word around the globe about what all we are doing, why we are doing it all, and how we are making it all happen through each of our business pillars. In addition, she’ll be able to help steer conversations with major exchanges to adopt the ERC777 protocol, one that requires much more competence and greater skillsets than ERC20 to implement properly so as to provide the necessary and expected level of security, safety, and usability to holders, investors, and traders.

“After seeing many projects in 2017 & 2018 without the drive to progress or doing what was necessary to succeed, and having been the only one willing to put forth the efforts in several of those projects in attempts to help them succeed, it’s really great to be a part of the team at GCA, that has put in such time, effort, and money thus far. I look forward to applying my advisory skills to help them execute their ideas and drive forward to success.”

Jenny from the Blockchain.

By itself, this is a huge step for GCA to have such a reputable blockchain advisor such as Crypto Jen on board with a massive reach and positive influence toward the public. But in combination with our being showcased in New York City at the NASDAQ as the next-level smart contract tech pioneers and our first interview being broadcasted on 26th of January at 15:00 GCT ( on, this is truly turning into something very special. After all efforts expended for more than a year, it’s really incredible for the whole team to get these acknowledgments.

About Wannipha Jen Buakaew

Leading personality, public speaker and voice of progress to the cryptocurrency community and emerging markets. While advising several blockchain projects, Jen is also on The New Money Systems Board- Lifeboat foundation alongside Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum) and Charlie Lee (Founder of LiteCoin). Currently working with Blockchers, a project funded by the European Commission with Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, supporting and investing in SMEs engaged in blockchain initiatives across Europe. Advisor to the U.S. Blockchain Association, known as “Jennyfromtheblockchain”, Jen is one of the most highly regarded female crypto/blockchain influencers in the world.

About GCA

Global Crypto Alliance ( constitutes a new kind of borderless organization with experts who are well-versed in the world of crypto and specialized in decentralized business development and blockchain ecosystems. They are pioneers having implemented the latest ERC777 standard for their coin, named CALL.

With currently two active pillars – &  a rewarding news outlet as the start to a massive news publishing aggregation network (w/ impending launch of global news mobile app: BitReader GO 1.0) and a service from which projects’ tokens can get upgraded from ERC20 to ERC777, respectively.

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