Who does not know the splendid, candid and daring Simpsons Family? They seem to tell us today that Cryptocurrency is the future of money!

It is a very popular fact that the beautiful Springfield town family, The Simpsons, has been the protagonist of important predictions of huge social or media events. The two most reputable predictions have been, first of all, that the billionaire Donald Trump would become the president of the United States; and, secondly, the end of the Game of Thrones series.

Well, one more prediction now points to the newest sort of money technology has brought to us in the XXI Century: cryptocurrencies. We’ll listen to Sheldon Cooper’s’ narration on this!

Sheldon Cooper in The Simpsons?

Currently, millions of people around the world transact with cryptocurrency every single day. It is not exactly something very new. Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than one decade already. However, most humans on our planet still ignore what exactly a cryptocurrency is.

Few people could answer to the question of what is the difference between a cryptocurrency and an electronic Dollar, like the ones we use within VISA or MASTERCARD platforms? Crypto developers and fans, undoubtedly, believe that their new kind of money will radically change the world of finance one day. But, we are not sure about being even close to mass adoption now!

Crypto is not centralized as Electronic Dollars!

The Simpsons, however, continues its culture of making extremely interesting predictions many years before things come true. It can be said that cryptocurrencies emerged in 2009 when Bitcoin mining began with its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, and the amazing group of nerdy geniuses that followed his idea.

Many cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, popularly called “Altcoins”, were born during these 10 years. More than 10 Altcoins today express a Total Market Cap above 1 billion US Dollars each one, while Bitcoin’s is today above 180 billion US Dollars. The Simpsons seem to foresee a level of many trillion Dollars for Cryptocurrency, nonetheless.

The episode of The Simpsons where one can find the prediction that Crypto is the “Cash of the Future” is the one on Season 31, Episode 13. This has just been released last Sunday night, on February 23rd, 2020. To the surprise of all lovers of – both -The Simpsons and the series The Big Bang Theory, a beloved character is the one who teaches about Crypto!

A kind of personification of Sheldon Cooper – or, more precisely, a Simpsonified Jim Parson in the role of scientist -, appears in a documentary video through which Lisa learns about the nature of Cryptocurrencies. And this is where Jim reveals to Lisa – and to all of us – the power of the Blockchain and decentralized money.

Here, in this scene of a TV within our TV, is where the prediction that has cheered millions of Crypto fans around the world appears. Together with Jim Parson, a funny character, a living book that represents the Blockchain – or, in other words, a distributed ledger – sings the prediction with the following lyrics: Each day I’m closer to being cash of the future.

A book represents a block of the Blockchain!

This news has been celebrated by Crypto fans with great joy. An example has been the tweet published by the famous Altcoin Daily account – @AltcoinDailyio -.

Professor Frink creates a new crypto: Frinkcoin!

Finally, there is one more piece of information that cannot be left out. At the end of the intervention of the Simpsonified Jim Parsons, there is a mysterious closure. It is an almost subliminal image that remains on the screen for only a few seconds and offers further information about Crypto.

The following is the direct quotation of a text that appears in the subliminal image. This text seems to invite, in a kind of encrypted way, to dig deeper into the extraordinary details of the technologies of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

“Cryptocurrency is a system that does not rely on a non-cryptocurrency central authority, but instead relies on a non-centralized consensus of cryptocurrency ownership. Using the word” cryptocurrency “repeatedly while defining cryptocurrency makes it seem like we have a novice’s understanding of In this system, rules are defined for the creation of additional units of cryptocurrency, they can be generated by fiat like traditional currency or just thrown around randomly or all given to LeBron. reason these crypto guys are really into computers. So we have big buildings full of energy-gobbling air-conditioned computers solving useless math problems. But now we can’t have straws ?! Also we know who Satoshi is, but we’re not telling. “

All this sudden appearance of the Cryptocurrencies in the fantastic world of The Simpsons with the presence and the beloved voice of Jim Parsons – Sheldon, for many of us -, reminds us that the series The Big Bang Theory dedicated an entire episode to Bitcoin on October 2017, the same year when Bitcoin would reach its all time high of about 20,000 US Dollars per coin.

Tweet from October 2017 on “The Bitcoin Entanglement”

The episode’s title was “The Bitcoin Entanglement”. On the other hand, last episode of The Simpsons is titled “Frinkcoin”. Gradually, new financial technologies based on the Blockchain seem to penetrate people’s mentality and popular culture. Perhaps, for the citizens of the world, the process of adoption and the transition to a new economic reality will not be as difficult, as skeptics sometimes think.