Global Crypto Time (GCT) extinguishes the chaos caused when trying to schedule and coordinate international meetings with many Crypto parties from different countries.

The very word “Crypto” refers to a completely new level of globalization and borderlessness. Currently, it doesn’t matter if one resides in the United States, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, or in Costa Rica. From the country where one actually lives, business can be operating and projects need to be manages in various other parts of the world.

Crypto entrepreneurs are a result of this new degree of internationalization. Frontiers are barriers in many ways. One such frontier being time zones. The vast array of “official times” currently used around the globe generate much confusion, and in some cases, even monetary losses. The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) has proposed and implemented a neutral solution: Global Crypto Time (GCT).


The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) constitutes a novel kind of borderless organization where a network of experts in business, sciences, and technologies work together to develop solutions that leverage the Blockchain. We are specialized in decentralized business development and blockchain ecosystems.

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Since can be recalled, humans began the migration to globalization. We have suffered from having to work in groups composed of several nationalities making it difficult to agree on which time zone was the most appropriate to reference in each project or venture. Ideological or political idiosyncrasies were applied to decide in many circumstances.

Even now, if a project includes members from 5 or 10 countries, each country might insist on referencing its time supremacy. This problem is especially visible today in every Crypto project. It’s not out of the ordinary for an official business meeting to only have some of the required attendees present due to misunderstandings of time zones. This particular problem is so frequent that people often feel it is just an inherent characteristic of Crypto.


GCA developed Global Crypto Time (GCT) as a simple tool to support the entire Crypto sphere. It consists of a new time zone that serves as a global time standard for anybody in Crypto who is in need for a more friendly time reference. GCT represents a symbol of the power of Crypto as a new nation-less and borderless world order that goes beyond the locality of each country and each region of our planet.


The world of Crypto needs GCT, urgently. Crypto is about 10 years old now, but it is still yet to be time-independent or time-sovereign. Whenever Crypto developers have to agree on the agenda for any type of activity, they must obey one of the official time zones of a nation or some area of the world.

Isn’t it contradictory to the values of Decentralization to have discussions on which time zone is more appropriate for a Crypto project? Just as Bitcoin and Ethereum were created for human beings to enjoy some freedom from currencies issued by governments, GCT was brainstormed to have one universal time reference that is not tied to any traditional political states or local frameworks.


Right now, Crypto developers and communities are in need for one single time of reference that also serves as a symbol of the independence, decentralization, and sovereignty of Blockchain and Crypto. In the future, perhaps this need will turn into a global need for the open society, too. Through GCT, we Crypto believers tell the world that we are together, united, and absolutely unstoppable.

If your project or your community needs a neutral and clear time reference, please, visit GLOBAL CRYPTO TIME’s website and use this time zone as you wish. Feel free to share it with anybody else who might also find it useful or would want to use it as a symbol of the unique values we share in Crypto.