Cryptocurrency and blockchain has clear benefits and real world use cases. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for the man in the street to make an entry in this space without having a bridge that can facilitate the exchange of fiat with crypto.

Retail users require a fiat on-ramp platform to utilize the advantages offered by cryptocurrencies.

The problem lies in the fact that there aren’t many exchanges that offer these fiat on-ramp options, and the fees of those platforms that do offer these services are oftentimes exorbitant.

We are changing that today.

COSS cryptocurrency exchange has been relentlessly churning out developments for the benefit of its users. It has now become more inclusive of crypto traders by integrating as its fiat service partner.

This move puts us in the league of a handful of crypto exchanges that support fiat deposits and withdrawals on their platform. Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by making crypto more accessible to the masses and explore additional avenues to drive growth.

We are extremely excited.

As a team, we are driven by a vision to make COSS a robust crypto ecosystem and are committed to increasing crypto adoption by bringing in innovative products and services. We believe this new integration will make COSS your most preferred exchange.

You should be excited too!

It is very simple to access fiat deposit and withdrawal on COSS. We begin with USD and EUR deposits and withdrawals today.

  • Sign up on and complete your KYC
  • Sign up on and complete your KYC
  • Load your Epay wallet with USD or EUR using your preferred method
  • Initiate a deposit into your wallet from the exchange dashboard
  • Get trading!

It’s that simple.

We wanted to bring in more reasons for users to utilise this service offered by COSS. Guess what we did for that? We made this service more lucrative for the users by levying no fees on deposits of fiat currencies and very low fees on fiat withdrawals. COSS also offers a 0% maker fee to all traders.

You read that right. 0% deposit fees on COSS. For everyone!

We are also setting the withdrawal fees on COSS at a competitive 2%. Support for more fiat and cryptocurrencies will be enabled in the coming days.

Trading will open on the following pairs today:


We will disable the old fiat providers on our exchange. All other fiat pairs will be disabled. If you have a balance in your GBP wallet, please contact

Our mission is to bring together the various elements and services of the crypto world to one platform providing our users with ease of choosing. Our various products and services are designed with the aim of building a sustainable ecosystem that is centred on its users.

COSS adopts a unique approach to including the elements of decentralization into its system through the Fee Split Allocation feature. The feature employs a smart contract to distribute 50% of all trading fees generated on COSS among COS token holders — every day.

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