Blockvila Mission is to continue to make fiat gateway an integral part of our crypto adoption.


Blockvila is a reliable and front runner Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchange Company situated in Africa. They are the world’s first cashback and profit-sharing P2P crypto exchange with specialties in buying, selling, trading, and exchange of digital currency as well as providing cryptocurrency wallet services and education concerning blockchain. They have vast knowledge and experience in blockchain services. They are guided by a global driven vision to render first-class technological-based digital services with a clear cut road map objective to attain standards.

Blockvila Wallet Services

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys and interacts with various blockchain to enable users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance. If you want to use bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you will need to have a digital wallet. Is your bitcoin wallet safe and secured? With hackers and scammers getting smarter and more technologically intelligent, we need to be cautious. Where bitcoin is involved, safety and security stand tops the list of priorities. As bitcoin owners, there is nothing more important than protecting your bitcoin wallet.

Blockvila Bitcoin wallet provides the most outstanding Bitcoin security. They offer you complete control to your wallet, have remote storage back up for your funds, and offer protection against unauthorized access with a class of art security features.. With Blockvila Bitcoin wallet you have complete charge over your funds. Blockvila bitcoin wallet has the following features:

1. Fully secure website with AI Technology
2. Easily Accessible every from mobile and desktop
3. Sell buy or exchange easily at the click of a button
4. Fully secure website

Why Choose Blockvila

Blockvila operates a fiat to crypto exchange since 2016, Blockvila also provides various other crypto-related products and services. They believe the biggest advancement comes from opening their doors to the worldwide crypto community, which is why they are dedicated to education and open-source advancement within cryptocurrency space.

Safe and Secure: Blockvila’s platform incorporates multiple layers of protection, using the most reliable and effective technology.

Sound Compliance: Professional and Experienced compliance team to ensure high levels of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering review.

Leaders Benefits: 20% of all transaction fees will be shared with Top traders and Top Referrers every quarter of the year.

Cashback: 6% of your transaction fees will be repaid back to you monthly for 17 months i.e 100%, transaction fee cashback

What is VILA coin?

VILA is a token used for trading at Blockvila exchange through which trading fee, listing fee, etc. can be paid.  In addition, VILA provides quite a number of utilities around the exchange platform, which include but not limited to:

Staking: Holders of vila coin can stake their coins to earn 30$ Vila yearly or earn 15% USDT while holding Vila coin

Token Sales Referral Benefits

Blockvila will award a 10% bonus to users who refer a friend to purchase VILA token. The referrer has the option to choose to receive the Bonus either in BTC, ETH, or VILA. Blockvila will integrate other token sale referral benefits.

VILA Coin Listing

ViLa will be listed for Swapping, trade, and staking on Blockvila exchange during the token sales and will be available for trading and withdrawal at the end of Token sales. Blockvila will also be listed on other exchanges and in coinmarketcap after a successful conclusion of token sales.


VILA coin has been created with the Blockvila and crypto community at heart and in mind. VILA presents a sizeable opportunity for existing Blockvila users and those who wish to use Blockvila

Blockvila Mining Partnership

Blockvila is partnering with Hashbitpro

A leading Cryptocurrency mining company with head office in the U.K and their crypto mining farm located in Russia

Blockvila  Vision

Though Blockvila has been an African based exchange since 2016. Blockvila’s vision is to go beyond Africa, to be truly global with digital asset exchanges in each of the major financial markets. Blockvila will set up local fiat- to-coin exchange in several countries in different continents. Blockvila will build more features into the exchange which will help traders analyze and determine the right type of trades to make.

Blockvila’s Mission

Increasing adoption of cryptocurrency using fiat currency cash flow—increasing the speed and ease by which fiat currencies can be exchanged for cryptocurrency in a legally-compliant manner. We do not dispute that the end goal of cryptocurrencies is to displace the place of fiat in our lives, but we believe that achieving these goals will only be possible after the ecosystem has developed, matured and saturated. Moreover, investment from outside the industry needs to reach the many vital projects that are working hard to improve and scale the technology.
And this is why Blockvila Mission is to continue to make fiat gateway an integral part of our crypto adoption.


In October 2009, 1 Bitcoin worth 0.0009USD, eleven years later one bitcoin is sold at $9,500 which is about 10.5M% increase. Did you miss out on the opportunity of investing in Bitcoin for you to have gained massively today, the opportunity is, here again, to make it up through Vila coin.


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