Our motivation and objective is to provide support to prospective crypto-based projects through our distribution network of global communities.

As we continue onboarding more writers and designers, our global network is becoming an ideal platform where crypto projects (eventually traditional companies) can have their solutions featured to potential consumers.


The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) constitutes a new kind of borderless organization with experienced professionals who are well-versed in the world of blockchain. We are specialized in decentralized business development and blockchain ecosystems with dozens of supportive experts who expand and help grow our global network calling content creators and an active community of thousands of content consumers into action.


GCA’s core team is composed of professionals in Research & Writing, Content Publication, Computer Science, Programming, Blockchain Development, Business Administration, Marketing, Language & Translation, and Psychology & Neuroscience. We are also supported by a diverse network of brilliant specialists in various fields.


We met and started working together in 2017 and established a group for blockchain research and development in 2018. With the immediate, deep-seeded connections rendered by the help and participation of each member, we began to dig deep into the fundamentals of decentralized technologies and cryptocurrencies.

In October 2018, the core team established the legal entity Global Crypto Alliance Ltd. in Valletta, Malta. Since then, we have been working tirelessly united by the highest level of mutual appreciation, respect, and trust. We see each other virtually every single day. Message-by-message and conference call after conference call, we study everything from successful and failed blockchain projects to the science of virtual social interaction at a global level, and build.


CALL is a cryptocurrency token deployed on Ethereum. It is the first case of an Ethereum token created with the ERC777 and ERC1820 standards. CALL is also powered by functionalities provided by the ERC644 standard and was injected with Batch Transfer Capabilities (BTC). In practice, for any Ethereum user, CALL looks and feels like an ERC20 token, but comes packed with many enhancements and advantages. As it is perfectly compatible with the ERC20 standard, one can store, manage, and use CALL tokens from any of the well-known Ethereum wallets.


Data is the new genre of truth in our XXI Century. Information is power. Knowledge represents the capacity to reflect, foresee, and forge the future. In all existing content publishing platforms, data, information, and knowledge are produced, filtered and consumed in such a way that they are not treated as valuable treasures, but as cheap bait for allurement.

Global Crypto News (GCNews.io) is a totally new, unparalleled, and revolutionary content publication platform with a unique rewarding twist that is fueled by the crypto asset, CALL, and structured as an open network of active news aggregators who can monetize their actions within the system. Content creators and consumers, as writers and readers, are empowered by GCNews to earn CALL by producing and consuming data, information, and knowledge.


Normally, a news publication companies specialized in content publishing, such as a crypto news platform, has a traditional and rigid business model: the company is the owner of a popular website and profits from ad spaces, graphic content, and texts. GCNews has completely disrupted this traditional scheme where the benefits of data, information, and knowledge productions are concentrated into the hands of companies that lure the masses to content with the sole purpose of appeasing only their advertising clients. GCNews is specialized in publishing high quality content related to blockchain technology, modern economics and Fintech that is useful for the public and valued by the public.

In this sense, GCNews has flipped the script with the intent of progressing the crypto world forward by giving people more of a voice regarding their daily news and rewarding them in the process.

In the old mentality, we say that the final consumer was simply an “asset” from whom others make money. Via CALL token and its smart contract, GCNews is changing the rules of the game empowering authors and readers, and letting them CALL the shots and set the value, ultimately reshaping the industry of news publishing while collecting rewards.


Our team has a motto: “We are Blockchain”. This means we are citizens of a new virtual nation, the Blockchain. As such, one thing keeps us all together and moving forward: the Network. We are a network of developers, creators and consumers working within the Blockchain. One that allows us to be incredibly democratic and part of global communities.

As network technologies and blockchains evolve, GCA will be able to serve more and more users of cyberspaces. Our alliance exists to help all kinds of crypto projects, as well as ordinary businesses. Being able to help makes us powerful and CALL token is the fuel that makes this possible. As crypto permeates more of the world, GCA will have endless opportunities to grow by being useful for all kinds of organizations.

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