It is a fact that the best exercise for your brain is reading and writing, as it has been proven that reading is the ultimate way to develop your mind, your imagination, and boosts your creativity. Aside from writing which gives a sense of accomplishment and productivity.

But how about making more out of it? How about actually being able to gain money by sharing credible information or by simply reading and feeding your mind with knowledge?

Now it is possible thanks to Global Crypto Alliance and their revolutionary blockchain ecosystem Global Crypto News (GCNews). The latter is a decentralized news network that enables all its users to benefit from pecuniary returns by distributing their native token, call, through smart contracts developed with the innovative protocols ERC777, ERC1820, and ERC644.

The idea is to provide a global network for news production in which readers and authors are properly rewarded for their actions.

For readers, their role won’t be limited to being just a simple consumer, like on any traditional platforms. In fact, they can earn credits by merely reading sponsored articles, PRs or general news, aside from sharing their favorites on social media and other websites. Afterward, the collected credits can be converted into CALL tokens monthly (per the user’s request), on what is called PAYDAY, and will be distributed to their registered ETH addresses.

For authors or writers, only high quality articles can be published in GCNews. In fact, writers must fulfill certain criteria, as their content should be original and legitimate. In addition, writers can get the support of the readers as the reward system is designed in a way that will allow readers to share their favorite articles permeating larger audiences via referral links, enabling the writer to earn more credits to collect on PAYDAY.

Other active users that the network addresses and benefits are other publishers and crypto projects. As a matter of fact, the latter can be described as an initiate for the CALL token ecosystem. Publishers can easily pay either in crypto ( ETH, BTC, or for a 20% discount, in CALL tokens) or in fiat currency ( USD/EUR/YEN/etc.). And that’s how they get credits and the ability to set up their campaigns in the’s distribution network and global communities.

It is also crucial to mention that Global Crypto Alliance is doing GCSummits and GCSecurity which will require CALL tokens for voting mechanisms and payment methods.

The token price is now live, GET IT while it is still affordable!

Global Crypto Alliance with its decentralized news network (GCNews) is making a big hype in the news world, as it is taking reading and writing to a whole new level. Now reading is not just about educating one’s self. And for writers, it will give them the boost and the compensation needed to supply the world with knowledge, information, and wisdom.